[RANDOM] Christmas Message for Lovely Kang Sora

아공소라짱(nickname) carried a Message(Overseas fans & Naver sora cafe member)  & special-ordered cake to sora’s agency.

Especially, Overseas fans *^^*

Thank you very much for all support in the Christmas Message event.

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[RANDOM] Kang Sora – answer fans question through @sdongenter account 2

Q: Sora Unni! I’m your fan from Japan. Do you have any schedule in visiting Japan?
A: I would love to visit if I have a chance. Just like last year when I went there for holiday.

Q: Since you’re an only child, if you could have one sibling, would it be big sister/ big brother/ little sister/ or little brother?
A: If I have a little sister, I think she’ll be pretty and I’m obviously going to raise her like a princess. I remember in the old days I also got jealous to my friends who have big sisters.

Q: Sora Unni! Since when did you have a dream to be an actress? These days I’m always have so many things which I want to do, so I feel that it’s hard to find my true passion, confused…
A: In my case, I could reach who am I now is because a mere coincidental chance. To quickly find your dream isn’t an important point, what important is to find it correctly/ accurately as the time goes by. Don’t become an impatient, seek experiences, and ask questions to yourself often. Don’t force it.

Q: Miss Sora, I’m 2 cm taller than you. I think that there’s no good for being this tall. Since you’re also tall yourself, do you think it’s good to be so? I feel that men seem to prefer women with shorter/ smaller body…
A: There’s time I feel that this’s actually a wonderful complexion, because it’s my charm so I managed to take advantages of it. Besides, it’s unique, right?

Q: Charming Miss Sora! Like a cellphone, what other thing that you should have everywhere you go? And, what smartphone you’re currently using?
A: I use Galaxy 2 Lite. I feel that I need to take along my pouch and walet everywhere and when I’m bored I usually will also bring a book.

Q: If you arrange a fanmeeting, what thing you want to do with them, where and how would you like to arrange it?
A: I want to run a friendship with them and to be able to recognize them face by face, but it sounds too ‘big’, what ‘smaller’ thing I could do? It seems to do a picnic with my fans is also an interesting activity.

Q: The best Kang Sora in the fashion industry! But why if you see your pictorial picture you will be embarassed and burst into laugh? (really funny and cute) Too much charm that you couldn’t recognize yourself hahaha…
A: Because it looks different from the usual me. When else did I appear like that? That wanted feeling?

Q: Passing these days, when you aren’t busy, are there times you’re suddenly heaped with stress and fatigue? In that kind of times any personal way to get rid of that?
A: I will get stressed out more if I keep being alone inside home so I will go out instead, looking for fresh air and shopping with friends.

Q: Nowadays do you have anything you would like to learn?
A: I want to learn piano, also with exercise/ gym.

Q: ‘I want to be a great actess!’ In what kind of situation would you enormously think about that?
A: When I get a lot of loves and attention from my fans who have seen and liked my performance.

Q: Which senior actor/actress that you would like to resemble with and later what kind of actress would you like to be?
A: So many… Hmm, what should I be like…

Q: Do you have any lifetime movie you love? What’s the reason?
A: The Phantom of The Opera. It’s a movie that lead/ guide (?) me to this path.

Q: People that love me…, people who I love… Choose between two?
A: People who I love.

Q: Please tell me about an interesting memorable moment during the shooting of Sunny!
A: All of them are memorable. I remember how they teased me after the clothes fitting because of my transformation.

Q: If we see your filmography, there are many bright characters, do you have no consideration to play a character with dark past?
A: I really want to play a dark character if I get offered.

Q: This Donga Interview started with Lee Teuk first and now it turned over to you. Spring is coming, do you like spring?
A: Yes, I like it very much. It’s warm and we’ll be able to play here and there and Spring herbs also taste good. I would love to get another holiday!

Q: Where did you go for clothes shopping these days? There’re many interesting places to go here and there.
A: There are several places. Lately I go to ‘hot’ (in trend) places in Sinsa-dong.

Q: In front of the Travi Fountain (reffering to the posted photo). It’s not Roma but a sad story (?) If you could get a chance to go for a holiday, where would you want to try to visit?
A: I want to go for a long holiday! I want to look after places I didn’t know, India and some historic sites would also do. And I want to try a famous sightseeing.

Q: What’s your favorite food? I really like kimchi.
A: So many that I can’t choose. But if I have to choose one food, I will choose breads.

Q: Actress Kang, you often stay up all night for shooting, when you’re sleepy what will you do? I feel like dying everytime I should stay all night to do homeworks.
A: Everytime I’m sleepy, I must try to sleep for a while. Don’t work too hard! Or else when I really am sleepy I’m going to read novel and Man-hwa (Korean comic) a little, or else I will pretend to be a teacher while explaining a textbook to the wall.

Q: What do you do lately?
A: I play computer a lot and go see my friends as well! Even in the busy filming day I will also try to do it (playing and seeing friends).

Q: How’s your feeling everytime you received a hand written fanmail?
A: Touched (at heart), more and more. It’s surely great to recive such things but fans who are willing to give really has a big heart. I’m speechless about this.

Q: On Twitter many international fans are concerned/ care about you. Any thought/ impression?
A: Forever I say thank you. When I went to Singapore Mama (Awards) and I found out about this I was really shocked!

Q: Unni, when you were in high school you were chubby but now you look so slim. Is there any exercise that could be done by a high-schooler like me?
A: It’s more important to be able to do exercise continuously in life rather than forcing yourself too hard. Do a lot of walks and if you’re studying too much don’t forget to do a streching since your muscles would likely to tense.

Translation by Kangsora.wordpress.com