[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora “If I may, I would like to film a romantic piece with Yoo Seung Ho”


~I am grateful for just being able to strip off the school uniform~

Kang Sora who was debut in 2009 through movie ‘4th Period Mystery’, later after that if you might notice, in all her filmography including ‘Sunny’, ‘Dream High 2’ and ‘Paparotti’, she always acted in school uniform. Only then, her thirst for adult role was quenched through SBS drama ‘Ugly Alert’ that she starred in last year. Moreover she managed to disentangle herself from any need to wear school uniform in her roles.

Even though public could see Kang Sora’s lively image, nobody knows the fact that she had been through the stormy period of 5 staggering years of her career life. In an interview with WstarNews, Kang Sora opened up her story with difficulty, “I am grateful for just being able to strip off the school uniform. Somewhere in the middle of my teens and twenties, I felt so inept and awkward.”

~Getting rid of the school uniform and her stormy growing years~

In daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’, Kang Sora who reached 25 years old was embraced by her first role in which she just need to wear ordinary civilian clothes instead of school uniform that she had been wearing in all her previous works. That very first role also brought big changes to her not only psychologically but as well as physically. She got to wear pretty clothes to her heart’s content and she even got to experience many new emotions through her first role as an adult character. “Oh, I am a woman too!” quoted Kang Sora regarding her feeling during that moment.

‘Ugly Alert’ had the longest shooting period among all the works that she had worked on since her debut. The shooting took 133 episodes and 7 long months to finish. I was curious about her thoughts on completing this long drama. “I was in big fear before the drama started. I’m originally a faint-hearted person in nature. But after it was all ended, I felt relieved that I had a great time during the filming. For such a long time working alongside Im Joo Hwan-ssi, I became close to him,” told Kang Sora.


When mentioning about Ha Chun Hwa & Shin Hye Sung; her roles in ‘Sunny’ & ‘Dream High 2’ respectively, you will recall that both has an overlapping image of a cool and positive character, which made those characters even seem like Kang Sora’s usual self in the eyes of general public. Of course, it was just a coincidence but to a certain degree it felt a little bit boring to see her in the same character again and again. I wonder whether does she ever think or desire to act out any exceptional and sensational-worthy character.

To this Kang Sora replied, “Looking back at my past works, I think I could feel the similarities that each of my roles shared. I guess little by little the feeling would be too overwhelming. But still, even though I’m not an impulsive person in nature, I wouldn’t say no to whatever opportunity to play any role that comes along my way.”

~Lucky to have great acting partner~

Apparently it seems, the new Kang Sora now possesses the good luck of her acting partner as well as their good influence. She worked hand in glove with Im Joo Hwan in their daily drama. So was with Yoo Seung Ho in her debut piece.

When she was asked to point out who is the most impressive partner that she had worked with, Yoo Seung Hoo; the co-star in her debut filmography was the first person that came across her mind. “I was a rookie at that time while Seung Ho-ssi was already a big senior to me, so it was very difficult for me due to the acting experience gap between us. Nowadays, couple between younger man and older woman is in trend. So if possible, I would like to work with Yoo Seung Ho again in a romantic piece,” told Kang Sora clearly about her wish in a shy expression.

Even in the upcoming drama ‘Doctor Stranger’ too, Kang Sora is working together with two splendid acting partners. In the drama, she plays the role of Oh Soo Hyun, a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon who’s also a daughter of the hospital chairman that will form a love triangle with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin; the hottest male stars in the industry nowadays. When asked to comment on the opportunity working together with them, she implied the ‘half fluttering half worrying’ feeling in her promise to work hard for the drama.

~Kang Sora with a twist~

Diet is the one thing that cannot be avoided when public are talking about Kang Sora. As the proof, diet or other similar keywords would come out together when you enter the word ‘Kang Sora’ in the portal site search bar. As an actress who has just reached the height of her life, her returning reply on whether she’s having a stress if her past appearance are floating around on the internet, was a little unexpected.

“I want to make a book on diet. Since many are interested in me and my diet after all. It would be good if I can share on how I lost my weight and the best way to diet with many people out there. I wish I could tell in more details about the importance of not to skip any meals when dieting and if I like to cook or something like that,” said Kang Sora in laughs.

To Kang Sora, life of an actress is simple, huge and limitless. In future, if she wants to try acting certain roles, she will challenge herself and try any role opportunity that comes her way even though it is not initially in her career plan. From the sound of her intention and aspiration as an actress that mixed with yearning and earnestness, note of frustration could be heard. It is because when recalling the name Kang Sora, public interest is still veiled with their focus on her diet story or her past role in ‘Sunny’.

“I have a lot of fear and worries regarding my work. Since I’m someone who cannot do several works at once, so I won’t be too greedy to work prolifically. However, I also don’t want to be so particular in doing my work and block my path as an actress. My wish is I want to let everyone see me being around little by little but for a very long time in the industry.”

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[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora, A 90 liner Girl Who Resembles The Spring Herself: “Lee Jong Suk-ssi? He is a very considerate and a kind person.”


Born in 1990, she is a 24-year-old woman. Though it is supposed to be a lovely age for everyone but it is still an inadequate age that might fill with only 2% of one’s life experience. It has been 6 years now since she debuted in 2009 through the movie ‘4th Period Mystery’ and entered acting life. Although she got to know the fun of living as a celebrity, there were a few times when she felt difficult at some point in her journey. The winter has passed and the spirit of spring is in the air this March. We welcomed actress Kang Sora; a ‘spring-like girl’ who is pure and pretty like flower herself, for our Sports Chosun Special Issue.

▶ Come back as a bright lady

At a glance from afar, she was approaching with a bright cheerful feeling . Her untied hair was slightly touching her shoulder. Kang Sora looked lovely in the yellow sleeveless dress she was wearing. I wonder where did the tomboy girl who always wears denim fashion in ‘Sunny’ go? Only the elegant lady remains now. It has been so long since I asked after her last time, so I should praise her for the way she looks now. “You overpraise me,” she said shyly. When women are in love, they become prettier, is it like that for you? I asked this to her. “No. I have no time to date right now since I have started shooting for ‘Doctor Stranger. I’m someone who unable to enjoy other things when I start to focus on doing a certain thing. Normally, I couldn’t even watch my favourite movie. If I watch a movie, I’ll keep hearing this thought; ‘That scene, I’ll have to use the same acting approach when I act next time’, and it’ll keep repeating on the back of my mind. Therefore, I’ll avoid watching any movie while I’m busy acting myself since it can make me unable to enjoy and focus on my work.”

And then she said laughingly, “But that doesn’t mean that I’m someone who reads the script 24 hours a day you know.” Kang Sora has great expectation for her drama ‘Doctor Stranger’. “I’m going to show the image that I have been showing up to this point, as well as another different side of me. Even it’s quite chilly outside, I’m so full with burning passion inside. When I work with Lee Jong Suk, this kind of enthusiasm seeps through me.”

Kang Sora is the same age as Lee Jong Suk. Although Lee Jong Suk is a 89 liner, he was born on September and although Kang Sora is a 90 liner, the fact that she was born on February, putting only a little age gap between them. “Lee Jong Suk seems so kind. Because it’s a medical drama, I actually have to observe how is thoracic surgery done, but the day before I couldn’t sleep well and I became so nervous about it. My condition was bad since morning, but Jong Suk-ssi was very considerate and took a good care of me.”

After that, Kang Sora kept on praising her other co-star Park Hae Jin as well as another co-stars that she had worked with before like Im Joo Hwan, Lee Je Hoon, Yoo Seung Ho and many more.

I said to her that it’s good to see that she knows how to point out and praise other people’s merit even though she’s at a young age. To this, Kang Sora said jokingly, “Because I’m someone who eat really well, you know.”

▶ Actresses who are 90 liner alone, are so many. I guess it’s a formation of ‘white horse line’

The number of 90 liner actresses are unusually large. “I went to an award ceremony before and I heard that Park Shin Hye has the same birthday as me. It’s amazing to know that. Also, there are another actresses like Go Ara and Park Bo Young, and for idol actress, there is Yoona. Really, there are many 90 liner actresses around us.” I asked her the possible reason why suddenly 90 liner actresses are actively working in the industry.


“Well, I’m not sure. It could be nothing but just a coincidence that many actresses seems to gathered around at the same time. From what I’ve heard, in the past there was a reluctance to speak about woman who born in the year of horse. But don’t you think the unique effervescent personality of the woman of the horse year really suits well for an actress personality? I’m going to just listen if someone says that I’m a ‘white horse line’.”

When I joked that we could sometimes invite pretty boys even they were born from different year like Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin to form a ‘white horse line’, Kang Sora said, “After being a celebrity, I feel anxious even just to meet my oppa friends,” while shaking her head in disagreement.

This is not the only thing that she unable to do after being an actress. Her old hobby was to take pictures. “Before I debut, I used to go out a lot just to take pictures. But I already sold my camera. To take some snapshots, I even rode the subway and went travelling frequently. The nature of photography work itself is not easy, you know. These days, since I’m going around mostly by car so it’s meaningless to continue my photography hobby anymore,” said Kang Sora regretfully. “I usually ask for a camera with viewfinder foundation. But living as an actress, if I curl my eyelashes with eyelash curler, it’ll touch the camera lens. Haha,” added Kang Sora in laughing.

▶ Kang Sora’s brain structure? “My house was on fire”

“You mean you want to know what are the thoughts inside my mind lately?” Kang Sora then drew them out one by one on a piece of paper. And ‘Doctor Stranger’ is the first thing that filled the most of her thoughts. To her, it seems like there are no other important things on her mind currently rather than ‘Doctor Stranger’, since she also wrote ‘interior’ as one of the things that occupies her thoughts.
“Actually, my house was on fire not long ago. The fire was in my room and it really wasn’t that big. But I replaced the wallpaper completely to a new one. I even changed all the furniture.”

“I became interested in interior decoration while redecorating my room. Before this, I couldn’t even organize my dressing room but now I have to do it,” said Kang Sora.

“Since I’m also interested in clothes, I even went abroad to buy something good from there. Though truthfully the price won’t be that cheap even after subtracting customs duty and shipping cost. Haha.”

Besides that, Kang Sora also listed down ‘parent’s health’ and ‘puppy’ on the paper. What kind of lovely life she has been living as the only daughter and child in the family? “Well, I’m not sure. I don’t think I live that way. I don’t know about my dad but my mom is a ‘Queen of Observing/Ponting Out’. My mom is someone who will observe and point out my acting or even my style and give her opinion about it without moderation,” laughed Kang Sora. When we then talked about her puppy, plenty of affection could be felt from her. “Puppy usually can be trained well so that he knows his way around the house. Since I’m busy these days due to drama shooting, he thought that he is the ‘ruler’ of the house now.”

Finally, topic about ‘travel’ came up. “When the shooting for this drama ends, I want to go to Spain with a big sister that I’m closed with. I wish to visit Gaudi Cathedral and some other places in Spain. On this, she said “In the Spain episode of TVN’s ‘Grandpa Over Flower’, it was highlighted that ‘if you were to go to Spain, this episode should be your reference tour’. So, I’m looking forward to it.” When she was saying this, Kang Sora looked so excited. The interview ended in an amicable atmosphere. We’re looking forward to Kang Sora’s come back to see her transformation from just a girl to a much more elegant lady.

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[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora – NYLON Magazine March 2014 Interview


~ The warmest colour, SO-RA~

The fact that she is much more beautiful in reality than on the screen could signify two things. She is much more attractive in real life than when she’s acting as an actress, and possibly she hasn’t show her hidden potential yet through camera. Kang Sora is that kind of actress.

Q: I heard it has been confirmed that you will be one of the casts in drama <Doctor Stranger> that will be aired on SBS starting this upcoming April.

Not long ago I met with Director Jin Hyuk who was also the director of <Master’s Sun> and finalized on the casting. It is a medical intelligence melodrama which its story evolves around the life of a genius doctor from North Korea; who’ll end up working at South Korea’s top hospital. I will play the role of ‘Oh Soo Hyun’; the daughter of the hospital’s chairman. It is an attractive character who has ambivalent side within her even though she looks cool and confident.

Q: You are set to unfold romance with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin; one of the hottest male actors these days. How do you feel about that?

Truthfully I don’t feel anything yet. Since in my previous works like <Sunny> and <Dream High 2>, I didn’t get to really pair together with male actor. Not long ago, in a daily drama that has already went-off the air <Ugly Alert>, I could work well alongside Joo Hwan Oppa and I’d be able to get acquainted with him. But this time, it is a miniseries in which the filming period is much shorter, so I don’t know how it’s going to be.

Q: It is may known to some people that <Sunny> was your debut movie but in fact, your first movie debut was actually <4th Period Mystery>, a movie that you worked with Yoo Seung Ho, wasn’t it?

Yes, originally I wanted to do directing-related work, but somehow I went to that movie’s audition and I have been cast in the movie by chance. That’s how I got into acting.

Q: The dress look that you wore during the year-end award ceremony was impressive. Do you have any fashion style that you like?

Usually, I would absolutely go for casual style. Even for shoes, I always wear loafers or anything with low heels. I couldn’t wear high heels and walk properly at the same time. At the official event, I would wear outfit that I feel confident with when I’m wearing it. The kind of outfit that doesn’t make me feel as if I am not who I am and feel disjointed with my own self. That way my pose would look natural and my expression looks comfortable. I hope that I have my own signature look rather than trendily wearing fashionable outfit.


Q: Do you have any favourite designer or brand?

VINCE, Acne, Helmut Lang. Those brands are comfortable and they also use good material. I really like clothing from jersey and jeans material.

Q: What about travelling? Are you someone who prefer getaway spots or are you someone who prefer vacationing at cities?

I think I prefer to vacationing at cities. When I went to New York last time, I passionately looked around the galleries. It was nice because there were many things to do even when I go out at night. Since I like travelling alone, I went to visit Japan all by myself. Even when I meet my friends, I feel like it’s too crowded if I’m meeting more than 3 person.

Q: The novel that you have in your hand right now <Title: 28>, is it interesting?

It is written by my favourite author Jung Yoo Jung. I’m so immersed in it to the point that I couldn’t put the book down. She became my favourite author after I read her novel entitled <The Night of 7 Years> along with another Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe whose books that I read avidly. Scary things would make me unable to sleep well at night, but since it is so interesting I try to pick out many utmost progressions of the story during daytime. (Laugh)

Q: It seems that Sora-ssi has become the face of many exceptional cosmetics brands. Currently you’re working as SCINIC’s model right?

It is a pleasant thing to do. Last year when I served as Dior model, it was nice because I was able to to try many colour shades of emphasized/bold makeup. And now I like the fact that I could show healthy and natural appearance through SCINIC. When movie <Sunny> hit the theaters, maybe because of my image at that time, I’ve done many pictorials photoshoot with strong style. I guess nowadays, it’s good that I’m able to show my natural look while working as a model for skin care brand. It is fun.

Q: There are a lot of stories about dieting when topic of your beauty care comes up. Please give some real tips for women who want to lose weight out there.

I think the most important perspective when you’re on diet is not the concept ‘What can I do to lose weight’ but ‘What can I do to benefit my body’. That way you would receive less stress too when you’re dieting. If you keep asking yourselves ‘Is this good for my body?’ repeatedly, no junk food will get into your hands when you’re eating. My diet strict rule is the kind of diet that I can continue doing it for a lifetime if possible. I’m going to maintain a certain diet plan if only I feel fine even after eating according to its dietary menu for 1 year. Also, a diet would be especially effective if you eat slowly! You need to chew 30~40 times per bite so that you can digest your food well and the bloated sensation that you might feel would go away too. That way, I believe you would have less tendency to overeating or overindulge yourselves with food and you would eat only at the appropriate time.


Q: I heard that you enjoy doing ballet and pilates.

Even now, I’ve just come back from working out. I started (doing ballet & pilates) 3 months before <Ugly Alert> started its shooting and I was unable to work out after that because of the drama shooting. Recently I do both pilates & ballet alternately. If I don’t exercise for 2~3 days, my body feels unwell to the point that it seems like an early symptoms of exercise addiction. Doing these two types of work out allow me to shape up/refine my figure and even to relax spiritually. Especially when you’re doing ballet, any changes in your body can be checked straight away since you need to wear a tight dance uniform while facing a full-length mirror.

Q: Your skin looks clear and healthy. What do you do for your skin care routine?

Usually I try to use as little makeup as possible. I would leave my skin absolutely clean. SCINIC’s All Day Fine Pore Mask Cleanser is a cleanser that has the component of carbonic acid ingredients and if you use it, your skin’s waste would all be eliminated. For skin care routine I use toner, essence and cream, that’s it! I also use SCINIC’s First Treatment Yeast Cream regularly. When I go out I would put on BB Cream and CC Cream.

Q: Do you have any beauty secret like what are the little tweaks that you do to improve your own look?

Hair volume product. Hairstyle can be a determine factor to one’s appearance. I would apply a lot of hair essence so that my hair would feel soft and look voluminous before I go out. Lately, I stick to use tangerine colour lipstick so that even when I keep my face bare from any other make up, my face would still look vibrant.

Q: Always carrying around a pouch packed with cosmetics, even the products that belong on the dressing table too. What are your saying on this?

Nothing much. As for me, I would carry compact mirror, concealer, anti-shine foundation and easy-to-apply crayon lipstick. And for perfume, I like ‘Philosykos’ a fig-scented perfume by Diptyque. I am someone who prefer unisex fragrance.

Q: As a star that was born in the Year of Horse, what is your goal and resolution to greet this year; the year of blue horse?

I’d be happy as long as I don’t hear any talks about me being incapable. (Laugh) Either it’s about my age or my career. Now I don’t have any excuses anymore. I’m already in my mid-20s and I’ve grown up a little more so I’m thinking that I need to be even more matured. I want to try and do everything. For that, I’d have to do well at what I’m doing. Even though I have a lot of weak points, I will work hard and I want to show my transformation in a short time.

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[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora – ELLE Magazine December Issue

Kang Sora ~ The More You Know, The More You See 

[Drama ‘Ugly Alert’ and Kang Sora] Until now I have rested for just exactly 3 days. Filming outside throughout the 6 months, I only had 2~3 hours sleep. I also didn’t get to do my pilates workout and during my little day off, I would only go for acupressure massage and sleep.

[The lesson of daily drama] I have gained some kind of tenacity and endurance. ‘I should hang in there’, ‘I have to survive this’, such morale booster words would come out naturally. Even though I receive a lot of compliment for my acting these days, but in my eyes, my acting seems a little bit off/under-performed sometimes. I could tell whether that scene was filmed when I had to shoot for all night long for 3 days and that scene was shot when I had my acupressure massage. To be honest, the condition of my body is pretty obvious.

[Favorite animal] I’m raising a poodle now. When I was a kid, I used to raise snails & turtle since my house was small. Being the only daughter with no sibling in the family, I feel a little lonely. It doesn’t look like that I feel that way? I seem to be lively but actually I am lonely. (Smile)

[Social issue of interest] I paid taxes with my own hand for the first time this year and in the process, I got interested in political economy. I’m curious what kind of policy was practiced by our constituency and for whom the paid taxes are being used. The part that I got interested with, I’ll search for more information about it. I also take a look at CNN News through mobile phone application.

[Various aspects of the world that you want to change] Education problem. Given the facts that nowadays, even things like sexual crimes that are likely to be done by adults were committed by elementary school students. I strongly think that humanity education should be taught more thoroughly to the children.

[Books that you read these days] I read ‘The Copy Cat’ by Miyabe Miyuki & ‘Snow White Must Die’ by Nele Neuhaus. The husband of this German female author; Nele Neuhaus ran a sausage/meat-packing factory. Her book series are all interesting despite the fact that she wrote the books while helping with her husband’s work in the factory during her spare time.

[Good deed that you practice in life] I don’t leave any food on my plate and I hardly use disposable paper cups.

[Memory of sharing] I sponsor 4~5 children under World Vision organization. Since I start reading this year, I also become interested in sharing programs. I give aqua watch, sports shoes and other such items as a present under my mother’s name.

[Special plan in life] My personality has changed a lot when I took part in theater club activities during high school. If I want to do a talent donation next time, I want to tell more information about theater/play to high school student. In a club like youth organizations for example, I suggest them to run a theater group. It would be good to make a ‘situation drama’ based on hurtful memories in life through an original play.

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[INTERVIEW] [Jung Suk Hee Column] Met With ‘Ugly Alert’ Joon Soo & Do Hee

Because of Gong Joon Soo, I have cried so much. Joon Soo is a boy who hold dear to the principle that ‘his family’s happiness is own happiness’ has lost his dad (Ahn Nae Sang) on one morning, and even followed by losing his dearest angel-like stepmother Shin Ae Ra) and he particularly blamed himself for his stepmother’s death and the pitiful way he has been carrying the guilt he felt while living his life, made me cried and cried. Why the world is being more cruel to a very good man like Joon Soo; the one who has practically raised the youngest sister Na Ri (Sul Hyun) by carrying her on his back while earning money for the family, and the biggest sacrifice he had done was when he covered his younger brother Hyun Suk (Choi Tae Joon) who have committed a murder by mistake and he served in prison on his brother’s stead for the crime. Was it because he couldn’t bear to hear people say that his brother is a murderer? Then after ten years, he was released on paroled. That day he stared vacantly at the house of his younger brother & sisters who had cut all ties with him and cried his sore and hurted heart out. Like a lie, good fortune suddenly came to him; the one who’s awfully had no luck. After he met his destined lover Na Do Hee (Kang Sora) and even reconciled with his siblings dramatically, now it’s the time for him to have the happiness he deserved. However, there are still much more difficulties to be solved and endured by him. To free himself from being called a killer and also to deal with the fact that his first love Yoo Jung Yeon (Yoon Son Ha) is now Na Do Hee’s stepmother. Could these two people go through this obstacle? I’ve met with Joon Soo and Do Hee for an interview.


Reporter Jung: When you look at Gong Joon Soo, do you feel like ‘Is really someone “that” nice truly exist’?

Im Joo Hwan: Gong Joon Soo is a person who almost like an ‘ethics book’ himself. The things we forget, the things we try to ignore, Joon Soo is aware of that. He’s not just knowing them but he’s also practising what he knows. I have learned a lot from Gong Joon Soo. I’m a lacking person myself but still if you were to find the similarity (between me & Joon Soo), I could be considered to be a responsible person at the very least. When I was a kid, my father always emphasized that I should have a sense of responsibility even at that age. Thanks to the teaching, until now, no matter what I do, I’ll rethink about it more; once or twice before I proceed doing it. I’m like someone who takes anything so seriously way too much. I’m not a fun/interesting person.

Reporter Jung: Do Hee is the kind of woman that we need in this era. I really like her.

Kang Sora: She has quite a charm right! I want to be like her but in future I don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to live and be the same woman what Do Hee is, according to what I wish. (Laugh) Personally, I too have learned a lot from Na Do Hee.

Reporter Jung: Like Na Do Hee, could you love someone without prejudice/open-mindedly?

Kang Sora: Of course. If I get the chance, I want to do it. But could I meet a person like Gong Joon Soo? If I meet someone like him, I’ll absolutely do it.


Reporter Jung: There’s a situation when while Do Hee get praised, relatively Shin Joo Young (Shin So Yol) get criticized. Don’t you feel sorry?

Kang Sora: When I see the script, I talk with Shin So Yol-ssi a lot. Even a little while ago I just talked to her. I hope that she would be able to solve this ‘difficult task’ well please. (Laugh) It’s a fate for an actor to receive bad reaction (from viewers) when we act as a ‘bad’ character.

Im Joo Hwan: When Shin Joo Young get tangled up with our family, she’s changing gradually but right now it’s hard even for us to foresee what may happen (to the character) next. It’s the same for ‘Lawyer Lee’ (Kim Young Hoon). We too are curious on how the scriptwriter will unfold the characters in each episode. Even Na Do Hee also at first didn’t know much about family values especially the love between sibling brothers.

Kang Sora: She’s (Na Do Hee) going to know more (about all that) later right? Even right now, she has changed quite a lot.

Reporter Jung: There are lots of outdoor shooting, lots of movement (scenes that require the actors to move a lot) and why there are so many running scenes? Don’t you feel bitter towards the director?

Kang Sora: It’s not the director’s fault.


Im Joo Hwan: Strictly speaking, it’s not the director’s fault but the scriptwriter’s fault. (Laugh) Even in this present script too, I still have to run 3 more times.

(The director who’s beside me spoke briefly)

Shin Yoon Sub: I don’t know whether I get it wrong here, but it seems that these guys really like to run outside. (Laugh)

Im Joo Hwan: (Laugh) I do like it! As for me, if I suffer a little bit, it makes me feel alive. It’s something difficult but I think I have done it well enough.

Reporter Jung: You enjoy doing difficult things and in future these two people (Do Hee & Joon Soo) have to overcome many obstacles. Would you be able to go through this?

Im Joo Hwan: Of course. The character’s situation is terrible but until now when I see through the progressed feeling, I believe if we combine our effort, it will work out well. Come to think of it, I’m curious too.

Kang Sora: Though she (Do Hee) has already accepted her relationship with her stepmother, she still draw the line in their relationship. She still wouldn’t give in. I think it’ll continue to be like that in future.

Reporter Jung: It has developed into some kind of mania. Can you feel the fans’s love?

Im Joo Hwan: I’m still not pretty sure about it. If I’m aware of it, I would already make sure our filming site and where we have our meal would always be at
the same place. I should have met all the fans by any means. (Laugh)

Kang Sora: I also don’t know about it. I’m in a position in which I couldn’t even meet the people from my agency and my family these days! (Laugh)


Reporter Jung: It seems that you don’t have time for your private affairs at all. Anyway, even though Kang Sora-ssi is young, I feel like I see a maternal affection when I see you in the drama.

Kang Sora: I don’t feel like he’s an ‘Oppa’ to me. (Laugh)

Im Joo Hwan: From Gong Joon Soo’s point of view, she (Na Do Hee) is a person who resembles his mother. At first, he saw Na Do Hee’s great/cool side and became interested in her. For him, he came to admire and respect her first before it bloomed into love.

Reporter Jung: Joon Soo get intertwined with most of the characters in the drama, so it must be hard to handle all the emotions.

Im Joo Hwan: Yes it is. But still, there’s no major difficulty since the director managed to grasp the emotional lines very well. Rather than trying to act the emotions, I’m going to find the emotion that Joon Soo feels genuinely as it comes.

(A staff approached and informed that the shooting is going to start. At the moment the director added a few last words)

Shin Yoon Sub: Our actors, our young friends (child actors) are really nice person. So are Joon Soo 4 siblings and Chul Soo (Hyun Woo). I’ve been directing for a long time but to meet such nice actors like this, is the first time for me. I’m so lucky indeed!

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[INTERVIEW] ‘Ugly Alert’ Kang Sora – InStyle Magazine

Actress Kang Sora has been living a busy life of shooting for her drama . Clad in creamy-look clothing, she stood in front of the camera with natural mood. She looked so in-tune with the nude colour trend.

ins1See-through white dress with structured silhouette by Calvin Klein Collection.

ins2Backless white top from Son Jung Wan.

“I think I’m going to fall asleep at once/immediately if I close my eyes like this. For more than two months since I started shooting drama, I couldn’t rest, not even for a single day. Even though I want to be wide awake by drinking strong coffee, I just forebear it. Lately, I reduce caffeine intake in my drinks and I just drink plain water instead.”

ins3Indian pink top by Vanessa Bruno Athé, high-waisted lace pants skirt by Son Jung Wan.

ins4Salmon pink shirt and matching salmon pink skirt with peplum detail from TWISTY by 1423.

 “I like to wear jeans with shirt that matches casual style but lately, I also try to wear feminine item more often. New style challenge is surprisingly enjoyable experience to me.”

ins5Ethnic mood blouse with suede shorts by Isabel Marant.

“Although my style has changed to more femininely now but my hasty personality still hasn’t changed that much. Yet before the photographer is even ready, I did change to (other) clothes very quickly, didn’t I?”


Lace-detailed bustier dress by Jill Stuart,

chiffon material padded cardigan by Shopaholic, necklace by Minetani.

“This faltering eye gaze…The sorrow it has seems like a strange feeling (she might refer to the pictorial mood required by the photographer). This is my first time trying a lingerie look but it suits exactly to my taste. I think I’ll give a shot at wearing lingerie look dress again next time either on the red carpet or any other event.”

From acting in the impressive movie Sunny to drama Dream High, involving in variety program We Got Married to the animation movie Merida and the Magical Forest as the voice actor, Kang Sora definitely has experienced in a variety of genres within such a short period of time. Even so she is a rookie but she’s not the same as other rookie and instead, she exudes the air of mature and experienced artiste.

“Characterwise, I’m actually a little bit quick-tempered/impetuous person. As you can see, I even changed these garments in no time (Laughed). If I didn’t do so, I think I’ll nod off to sleep within the standby time. Therefore, I would as well move my body as much as possible.”

Come to think of it, she sure has became slimmer than ever. Her long arms and legs makes she looks much taller.

“I think I’m losing weight due to sleep deprivation. Since I started shooting for ‘Ugly Alert’, I haven’t get to rest not even for a day. Even today I came back home at 7 in the morning. Before the drama shooting started, I did some pilates and ballet everyday. These two types of exercises were extremely helpful since both emphasize on bodyline workout. Lately I really want to exercise so badly.”

She still looks adorable even when she was whining like that. In front of the camera lens, she somewhat has the proportion that is way better than some models.
“All this while, as it’s rather common to see me in pictorial work that has trendy concept with intense gaudy colour, so it seems that I have little chance to show my natural look. Therefore today, I like the fact that my exact natural look will be shot without any special make-up or being dress-up dramatically.”

She came to the studio wearing only wavy dress covered with loose cardigan, completed with styled-hair and make-up on. There is somewhat similarity with the fashionable cold haughty Na Do Hee; her character in drama ‘Ugly Alert’ in the way she dressed up.
“She (Na Do Hee) is similar with me since we both are inquisitive and cool by nature. So, it’s not that hard to portray her character. The clothes that she likes are also similar with mine. It is such a pity that I don’t have time to go shopping these days. So, I just buy clothes that stylist suggests.”

Her short answers and speed actions, as well as her straightforward attitude…it feels like she is much more mature than her age.
“These days I couldn’t get in touch that often with my friends of the same age even via SNS. I just simply managed to say hello to my fans and it mostly has never been exceeded 10 words. I like simple things. Even in my life and on my mind too it has always been oriented with ‘simple life’ principal.”

More details will be featured in InStyle July issue.

Planning/Lee Jung Geum ; Photo/Choi Yong Bin; Makeup/Go Won Hye ;
Hair/Kim Ga Young ; Stylist/Ahn Mi Gyung

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[INTERVIEW] 130304 Kang Sora Interview with Sina

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From her movie [Sunny], many audiences came to love a lovely loyal ‘big sister (leader of girl group), [Dream High 2] everyone saw a girl deeply passionate about music, in [WGM] we saw a ‘humble girl’ (woman who lets the guy lead) blessed with great care by SJ Lee Teuk. Her popularity soared even more, she is Korean actress Kang Sora.
A few days ago, Kang Sora had an interview with Sina. She expressed during “last kiss” with Lee Teuk she was very reluctant (to part with him) and felt more regret/pity that she was not able to ask him to “take care” before he enlisted. She also expressed she liked Chinese actors like Tony Leung, Tang Wei, Zhang Ziyi, while Sora’s mum is a big fan of Chinese kungfu shows.
Sina: Let’s first greet our friends online.
Sora: Sina friends, how are you? I’m Kang Sora.
Sora: Hello, very happy to meet everyone. Sina friends, it’s my first time meeting you, my name is Kang Sora.
Sina: Many Chinese fans know you through [Sunny]. Does this movie have any special meaning to you?
Sora: This movie ranks above all the works I wanted to do. It is also a very unique/special work.As there were actresses in the movie, more so all the girls are the same age group, it was very enjoyable during filming. This movie gave me many memories.
Sina: In this new movie [Paparotti], your role is a high school student. What’s the difference between this role and your role in [Sunny]?
Sora: In [Sunny], Chunhwa is different, she is a loveable who likes guys but there is no love line. [sorry i don’t know how to phrase this] This role exceeds all of my expectations, a lively, lovely role.
Sina: Which role describes you most?
Sora: Talking about my lively character, my role in [Sunny] is most similar. But if you are talking how ‘unexpected’ or caring I can be, my role in this new movie is more similar.
Sina: In [Dream High2] and [Paparotti] both of your roles are music students. Do you think the roles are repetitive (duplicative) and how do you rate your singing (ability)?
Sora: I love to listen to music. A common thing in both shows is that both characters are terrible in music however hardworking she is. As both characters had no ‘achievement’ in music, I felt they were similar to me: that is, love listening to music.
Sina: Last year you received the Best Couple for Variety for WGM, do you keep in contact with LeeTeuk after his enlistment, how/what are your feelings?
Sora: [WGM] is different from other variety as it does not have any script, it’s ‘live improvisation’. We only expressed as how we like it. I think we received the Popularity award because I let down my fears (burden) and was able to express ourselves comfortably. Also I’m very thankful to Lee Teuk because it is also due to his good fortune/blessings. Thank you. ^^
Sina: [WGM] How did you feel when LeeTeuk gave you the kiss in the final episode. It moved many people.
Sora: Then, I only after 4 seconds, realised ‘this is a kiss ah’. At that moment, I thought this screenshot can’t be uploaded to the internet! My hands then was like that (gesturing). Because my hands was like that, I looked very silly.
In reality, during the last episode I was very reluctant and sad, to add LeeTeuk would enlist after filming “WGM”. I felt more regretful because we also didn’t had time to drink and the chance to tell him “to take good care of yourself”.
Sina: Do you still keep in touch with LeeTeuk who is in army now?
Sora: We occasionally contact each other by phone. Recently, I watched [The promise]. He became more masculine, if he was like this earlier, wouldn’t be it be good/lovely.
Sina: Since your debut, you received the Best New Actress Award, Popularity Award, also worked with Hallyu stars like Lee Teuk, Kim Hyun Joong, Won Bin, do you feel that you were very fortunate/lucky?
Sora: I believe it’s 99% due to luck. As I worked more I feel as if that I am very fortunate. Although being hard work is important, having the opportunity/luck cannot be overlooked/neglected. I do not know how long it (good fortune) will run, so I will continue to work harder.
Sina: You acted in roles in movies, dramas, even been hosts. Which role did you like most?
Sora: Whatever it is, without a doubt, I love acting in movies the most.
Sina: How different it is from filming a drama?
Sora: Well, when I working part-time in a comic bookshop, I started to read kungfu books when I ran out comics to read. To add my mother loves movies like [House of Flying Daggers], [Curse of the Golden Flower], [Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon], recently watched [Reign of Assassins], she also loves [The Lost Bladesman], [Red Cliff] etc. Ah, also watched [The Promise]. She will bring me along when she watched movies, my first movie was Disney’s [Mulan]. Since young, I found it interesting and naturally I wrote about it. Even till now, I love kungfu (movies/shows).
Sina: Do you still write short stories?
Sora: Currently I love reading novels, so I honestly couldn’t write short stories any longer. When writing Kungfu (martial art), it must be long in order to be rich/interesting, as such if I seriously wanted to write one I wouldn’t have enough time.
Sina: We heard that your work was very popular, how do you feel about it?
Sora: I wrote it when I was in primary school not in high school. It’s a purely passionate piece of work/ literature. If I read it again now, I feel I read it somewhere before, maybe it’s because I researched other work/stories when writing then.
Sina: Did ever dream of being an author, before you being an actress?
Sora: I loved both writing and acting. As such when I enrolled in University, I wanted to work towards this area/direction as my career. While I was in ‘drama course’, I wanted to transfer out as my results was not good. But, unconsciously I’m here where I am now.
Sina: Currently many Chinese movies are adapted from internet stories/novels, have you dreamt your work will one day be adapted into a movie? And to personally act in it?
Sora: If I had the chance, but after watching how directors produced/worked, I won’t be able to do it with my present skills. Perhaps when I’m 40 when I have improved my skills/accumulated enough skills, I think I will take on this challenge.
Sina: Do you plan to write and direct your own work (movie)?
Sora: If I can, I would after I build/collect (bit by bit) my social network and slowly seek actors and singers who will act in my show for free
Sina: What’s your future expectations as an actress? What’s your ultimate dream?
Sora: My aim? Not forgetting my dream is my aim, really. My dream is to be an actress with character, determined, an out of an ordinary/different from the rest.
Sina: In the entertainment industry, who are your friends? Do you meet often? What do you do?
Sora: I usually meet up with fellow actors from [Dream high 2] Jinwoon,Seo Joon (rumored dating Nam Bora) and Yeon Joo(youngest girl at FJ’ blind date). We became drinking friends naturally/unconsciously. We are like brothers and sisters, no feelings of love.
Sina: Do you keep in contact with [Sunny] sisters?  
Sora: As they are more busy than myself, we can meet up only after my long pleading, can contacting via phone be considered?
Sina: What is your ideal man?
Sora: As I’m tall, I prefer strong/muscular man with a shaped/pointed chin. Also, I’m a bit rounded, that’s why I like guys with the same physical (shape) like foreign actors like Chris Hemsworth from [Thor], Mark Walberg.
Sina: Are you familiar with Chinese directors and actors? Have you watched any Chinese Movies? which one?
Sora: I love [Lust, Caution] with Tony Leung (senior)? Tony Leung and Tang Wei. I loved it so much that even bought its DVD. I also love [Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon], I also watched the movie [MeilanFang], really love the actress Zhang Ziyi.
Sina: Is there any Chinese actor/actress you want to work with?
Sora: All of the actors are great professionals. Recently I watched [The Thieves] and found the actor, Simon Yam, very stylish/handsome. Chinese celebrities are very good-looking with very good facial features. If I have the chance, I love to work with anyone of them.
Sina: Do you plan to debut in China?
Sora: If I’ve the opportunity, I love to do a drama/work like [Return of the Pearl Princess] which I loved watching when I was young.
Sina: What is your future work/plans like?
Sora: Later part of 2013, I may film a drama though I do not what role I’ll take on. But I will work harder to meet everyone. Also I will continue to learn mandarin.
Sina: Your last wish for our Sina friends!
Sora: Even though this is my first time greeting you, my Sina friends, I hope you again and will work harder bring you better work. Meantime, please don’t forget about me. Springtime is coming and the weather is getting warmer, please look after your health. Hope you can visit Korea! I also hope to visit China. Thank you. Springtime, thank you everyone! Bye! Little sister going back to Korea stop(stand)!

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