[VID] 121229 MBC Entertainment Awards 2012 – TeukSora Popularity Award

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[NEWS] 120605 ‘We Got Married’ Leeteuk – Sora couple to resume filming, after the external force of leave this June 16th

[TV News Report by Jeon Sunhwa] MBC group said in accordance after the general strike of suspension to MBC TV show “We Got Married” on March 31st, the broadcasting of the show will resume.

MBC stated that in the past four days of June, they have been planning on re-running the   program at 5:15PM during Wednesdays. According to a report from MBC, the show will resume filming this June and the shooting will start again. This will also cause a few show re-runs and some shows will be edited. An official from MBC has announced that the show will resume and it will not cause anymore manpower anxiety.

MBC released an official statement for the strike of “We Got Married” that the Eunjoong couple will still be the same. And for the Leeteuk and Sora couple, they will shoot only extra parts  for   the mean time.

News crew and staff will be contacted for the resuming of the show. MBC is currently fixing on their shows’ time slots for next week since We Got Married will resume filming. Some shows will have to be re-run again. In 10 days, the filming will begin in Korea. This June 9th, Super Junior will go to Taiwan for SMTOWN’s World Tour concert at the Hsinchu County Stadium.
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[News] Kang Sora almost causes a fire while cooking breakfast on “We Got Married”

On the March 10th episode of MBC‘s “We Got Married“, the Leeteuk and Kang Sora couple finally moved into their new home.

Kang Sora decided to cook breakfast for Leeteuk which included Toast, Eggs, Fruit, and Salad. While Leeteuk was resting on the couch and talking to his fellow member Donghae on the phone, Kang Sora was having quite a bit of difficulty trying to make breakfast.

She had diffulty turning on the gas stove, broke a few of the eggs, and also burned the toast which almost caused a fire. When Leeteuk saw Kang Sora peeling the apple in thick chunks, Leeteuk grew concerned and asked Kang Sora, “Are you ok?” After seeing her struggles, he asked Kang Sora to take a seat and that he would handle everything.

Later in the episode, Donghae paid a visit to Leeteuk and Kang Sora’s new home and was impressed. Also, Leeteuk told Donghae that Kang Sora was proficient in English. Hearing this, Donghae tried to show off his English skills to impress Kang Sora and shake her hands but Leeteuk wasn’t having any of it and told him, “No Touching“.

Source & Image: allkpop and TVDaily via Nate