[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora – NYLON Magazine March 2014 Interview


~ The warmest colour, SO-RA~

The fact that she is much more beautiful in reality than on the screen could signify two things. She is much more attractive in real life than when she’s acting as an actress, and possibly she hasn’t show her hidden potential yet through camera. Kang Sora is that kind of actress.

Q: I heard it has been confirmed that you will be one of the casts in drama <Doctor Stranger> that will be aired on SBS starting this upcoming April.

Not long ago I met with Director Jin Hyuk who was also the director of <Master’s Sun> and finalized on the casting. It is a medical intelligence melodrama which its story evolves around the life of a genius doctor from North Korea; who’ll end up working at South Korea’s top hospital. I will play the role of ‘Oh Soo Hyun’; the daughter of the hospital’s chairman. It is an attractive character who has ambivalent side within her even though she looks cool and confident.

Q: You are set to unfold romance with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin; one of the hottest male actors these days. How do you feel about that?

Truthfully I don’t feel anything yet. Since in my previous works like <Sunny> and <Dream High 2>, I didn’t get to really pair together with male actor. Not long ago, in a daily drama that has already went-off the air <Ugly Alert>, I could work well alongside Joo Hwan Oppa and I’d be able to get acquainted with him. But this time, it is a miniseries in which the filming period is much shorter, so I don’t know how it’s going to be.

Q: It is may known to some people that <Sunny> was your debut movie but in fact, your first movie debut was actually <4th Period Mystery>, a movie that you worked with Yoo Seung Ho, wasn’t it?

Yes, originally I wanted to do directing-related work, but somehow I went to that movie’s audition and I have been cast in the movie by chance. That’s how I got into acting.

Q: The dress look that you wore during the year-end award ceremony was impressive. Do you have any fashion style that you like?

Usually, I would absolutely go for casual style. Even for shoes, I always wear loafers or anything with low heels. I couldn’t wear high heels and walk properly at the same time. At the official event, I would wear outfit that I feel confident with when I’m wearing it. The kind of outfit that doesn’t make me feel as if I am not who I am and feel disjointed with my own self. That way my pose would look natural and my expression looks comfortable. I hope that I have my own signature look rather than trendily wearing fashionable outfit.


Q: Do you have any favourite designer or brand?

VINCE, Acne, Helmut Lang. Those brands are comfortable and they also use good material. I really like clothing from jersey and jeans material.

Q: What about travelling? Are you someone who prefer getaway spots or are you someone who prefer vacationing at cities?

I think I prefer to vacationing at cities. When I went to New York last time, I passionately looked around the galleries. It was nice because there were many things to do even when I go out at night. Since I like travelling alone, I went to visit Japan all by myself. Even when I meet my friends, I feel like it’s too crowded if I’m meeting more than 3 person.

Q: The novel that you have in your hand right now <Title: 28>, is it interesting?

It is written by my favourite author Jung Yoo Jung. I’m so immersed in it to the point that I couldn’t put the book down. She became my favourite author after I read her novel entitled <The Night of 7 Years> along with another Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe whose books that I read avidly. Scary things would make me unable to sleep well at night, but since it is so interesting I try to pick out many utmost progressions of the story during daytime. (Laugh)

Q: It seems that Sora-ssi has become the face of many exceptional cosmetics brands. Currently you’re working as SCINIC’s model right?

It is a pleasant thing to do. Last year when I served as Dior model, it was nice because I was able to to try many colour shades of emphasized/bold makeup. And now I like the fact that I could show healthy and natural appearance through SCINIC. When movie <Sunny> hit the theaters, maybe because of my image at that time, I’ve done many pictorials photoshoot with strong style. I guess nowadays, it’s good that I’m able to show my natural look while working as a model for skin care brand. It is fun.

Q: There are a lot of stories about dieting when topic of your beauty care comes up. Please give some real tips for women who want to lose weight out there.

I think the most important perspective when you’re on diet is not the concept ‘What can I do to lose weight’ but ‘What can I do to benefit my body’. That way you would receive less stress too when you’re dieting. If you keep asking yourselves ‘Is this good for my body?’ repeatedly, no junk food will get into your hands when you’re eating. My diet strict rule is the kind of diet that I can continue doing it for a lifetime if possible. I’m going to maintain a certain diet plan if only I feel fine even after eating according to its dietary menu for 1 year. Also, a diet would be especially effective if you eat slowly! You need to chew 30~40 times per bite so that you can digest your food well and the bloated sensation that you might feel would go away too. That way, I believe you would have less tendency to overeating or overindulge yourselves with food and you would eat only at the appropriate time.


Q: I heard that you enjoy doing ballet and pilates.

Even now, I’ve just come back from working out. I started (doing ballet & pilates) 3 months before <Ugly Alert> started its shooting and I was unable to work out after that because of the drama shooting. Recently I do both pilates & ballet alternately. If I don’t exercise for 2~3 days, my body feels unwell to the point that it seems like an early symptoms of exercise addiction. Doing these two types of work out allow me to shape up/refine my figure and even to relax spiritually. Especially when you’re doing ballet, any changes in your body can be checked straight away since you need to wear a tight dance uniform while facing a full-length mirror.

Q: Your skin looks clear and healthy. What do you do for your skin care routine?

Usually I try to use as little makeup as possible. I would leave my skin absolutely clean. SCINIC’s All Day Fine Pore Mask Cleanser is a cleanser that has the component of carbonic acid ingredients and if you use it, your skin’s waste would all be eliminated. For skin care routine I use toner, essence and cream, that’s it! I also use SCINIC’s First Treatment Yeast Cream regularly. When I go out I would put on BB Cream and CC Cream.

Q: Do you have any beauty secret like what are the little tweaks that you do to improve your own look?

Hair volume product. Hairstyle can be a determine factor to one’s appearance. I would apply a lot of hair essence so that my hair would feel soft and look voluminous before I go out. Lately, I stick to use tangerine colour lipstick so that even when I keep my face bare from any other make up, my face would still look vibrant.

Q: Always carrying around a pouch packed with cosmetics, even the products that belong on the dressing table too. What are your saying on this?

Nothing much. As for me, I would carry compact mirror, concealer, anti-shine foundation and easy-to-apply crayon lipstick. And for perfume, I like ‘Philosykos’ a fig-scented perfume by Diptyque. I am someone who prefer unisex fragrance.

Q: As a star that was born in the Year of Horse, what is your goal and resolution to greet this year; the year of blue horse?

I’d be happy as long as I don’t hear any talks about me being incapable. (Laugh) Either it’s about my age or my career. Now I don’t have any excuses anymore. I’m already in my mid-20s and I’ve grown up a little more so I’m thinking that I need to be even more matured. I want to try and do everything. For that, I’d have to do well at what I’m doing. Even though I have a lot of weak points, I will work hard and I want to show my transformation in a short time.

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