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[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora “If I may, I would like to film a romantic piece with Yoo Seung Ho”


~I am grateful for just being able to strip off the school uniform~

Kang Sora who was debut in 2009 through movie ‘4th Period Mystery’, later after that if you might notice, in all her filmography including ‘Sunny’, ‘Dream High 2’ and ‘Paparotti’, she always acted in school uniform. Only then, her thirst for adult role was quenched through SBS drama ‘Ugly Alert’ that she starred in last year. Moreover she managed to disentangle herself from any need to wear school uniform in her roles.

Even though public could see Kang Sora’s lively image, nobody knows the fact that she had been through the stormy period of 5 staggering years of her career life. In an interview with WstarNews, Kang Sora opened up her story with difficulty, “I am grateful for just being able to strip off the school uniform. Somewhere in the middle of my teens and twenties, I felt so inept and awkward.”

~Getting rid of the school uniform and her stormy growing years~

In daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’, Kang Sora who reached 25 years old was embraced by her first role in which she just need to wear ordinary civilian clothes instead of school uniform that she had been wearing in all her previous works. That very first role also brought big changes to her not only psychologically but as well as physically. She got to wear pretty clothes to her heart’s content and she even got to experience many new emotions through her first role as an adult character. “Oh, I am a woman too!” quoted Kang Sora regarding her feeling during that moment.

‘Ugly Alert’ had the longest shooting period among all the works that she had worked on since her debut. The shooting took 133 episodes and 7 long months to finish. I was curious about her thoughts on completing this long drama. “I was in big fear before the drama started. I’m originally a faint-hearted person in nature. But after it was all ended, I felt relieved that I had a great time during the filming. For such a long time working alongside Im Joo Hwan-ssi, I became close to him,” told Kang Sora.


When mentioning about Ha Chun Hwa & Shin Hye Sung; her roles in ‘Sunny’ & ‘Dream High 2’ respectively, you will recall that both has an overlapping image of a cool and positive character, which made those characters even seem like Kang Sora’s usual self in the eyes of general public. Of course, it was just a coincidence but to a certain degree it felt a little bit boring to see her in the same character again and again. I wonder whether does she ever think or desire to act out any exceptional and sensational-worthy character.

To this Kang Sora replied, “Looking back at my past works, I think I could feel the similarities that each of my roles shared. I guess little by little the feeling would be too overwhelming. But still, even though I’m not an impulsive person in nature, I wouldn’t say no to whatever opportunity to play any role that comes along my way.”

~Lucky to have great acting partner~

Apparently it seems, the new Kang Sora now possesses the good luck of her acting partner as well as their good influence. She worked hand in glove with Im Joo Hwan in their daily drama. So was with Yoo Seung Ho in her debut piece.

When she was asked to point out who is the most impressive partner that she had worked with, Yoo Seung Hoo; the co-star in her debut filmography was the first person that came across her mind. “I was a rookie at that time while Seung Ho-ssi was already a big senior to me, so it was very difficult for me due to the acting experience gap between us. Nowadays, couple between younger man and older woman is in trend. So if possible, I would like to work with Yoo Seung Ho again in a romantic piece,” told Kang Sora clearly about her wish in a shy expression.

Even in the upcoming drama ‘Doctor Stranger’ too, Kang Sora is working together with two splendid acting partners. In the drama, she plays the role of Oh Soo Hyun, a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon who’s also a daughter of the hospital chairman that will form a love triangle with Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin; the hottest male stars in the industry nowadays. When asked to comment on the opportunity working together with them, she implied the ‘half fluttering half worrying’ feeling in her promise to work hard for the drama.

~Kang Sora with a twist~

Diet is the one thing that cannot be avoided when public are talking about Kang Sora. As the proof, diet or other similar keywords would come out together when you enter the word ‘Kang Sora’ in the portal site search bar. As an actress who has just reached the height of her life, her returning reply on whether she’s having a stress if her past appearance are floating around on the internet, was a little unexpected.

“I want to make a book on diet. Since many are interested in me and my diet after all. It would be good if I can share on how I lost my weight and the best way to diet with many people out there. I wish I could tell in more details about the importance of not to skip any meals when dieting and if I like to cook or something like that,” said Kang Sora in laughs.

To Kang Sora, life of an actress is simple, huge and limitless. In future, if she wants to try acting certain roles, she will challenge herself and try any role opportunity that comes her way even though it is not initially in her career plan. From the sound of her intention and aspiration as an actress that mixed with yearning and earnestness, note of frustration could be heard. It is because when recalling the name Kang Sora, public interest is still veiled with their focus on her diet story or her past role in ‘Sunny’.

“I have a lot of fear and worries regarding my work. Since I’m someone who cannot do several works at once, so I won’t be too greedy to work prolifically. However, I also don’t want to be so particular in doing my work and block my path as an actress. My wish is I want to let everyone see me being around little by little but for a very long time in the industry.”

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