[COMPANY] 131130 Kang Sora – Ugly Alert BTS

n30a[Trans] 3 years later. RT 3년 후

n30b[Trans] 3 years later. RT 3년 후


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[COMPANY] 131129 Kang Sora – Ugly Alert BTS


n29a[Trans] Proposal. RT 프로포즈

n29b[Trans] Proposal. RT 프로포즈

n29c[Trans] Proposal. RT 프로포즈

n29d[Trans] Shooting of President Na’s last scene. RT 나회장님 막촬

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[COMPANY] 131126 Kang Sora – Ugly Alert BTS

n26a[Trans] (Visiting the) Grave. RT 산소

n26b[Trans] (In the) Waiting room. RT 대기실

n26cTrans] (In the) Church. RT 성당

n26d[Trans] (In the) Church. RT 성당

n26e[Trans] (In the) Church. RT 성당

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[COMPANY] 131125 Kang Sora – Ugly Alert BTS

n25a[Trans] Roof top. RT 옥상

n25b[Trans] Junsu Dohee. RT 준수도희

n25c[Trans] Junsu Dohee. RT 준수도희

n25d[Trans] Junsu Dohee. RT 준수도희

n25e[Trans] Junsu Dohee. RT 준수도희

n25f[Trans] Dohee. RT 도희

n25g[Trans] Dohee. RT 도희

n25h[Trans] Dohee. RT 도희

n25i[Trans] Junsu Dohee. RT 준수도희

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[COMPANY] 131122 Kang Sora – Ugly Alert BTS

n22a[Tans] Unusual Dohee. RT 이변 도희

n22b[Trans] Dohee. RT 도희

n22c[Trans] Junsu Dohee and parking lot manager. RT 준수 도희 주차장님

n22d[Trans] (In the) Police station. RT 경찰서

n22e[Trans] (In the) Police Station. RT 경찰서

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