[INTERVIEW] [Jung Suk Hee Column] Met With ‘Ugly Alert’ Joon Soo & Do Hee

Because of Gong Joon Soo, I have cried so much. Joon Soo is a boy who hold dear to the principle that ‘his family’s happiness is own happiness’ has lost his dad (Ahn Nae Sang) on one morning, and even followed by losing his dearest angel-like stepmother Shin Ae Ra) and he particularly blamed himself for his stepmother’s death and the pitiful way he has been carrying the guilt he felt while living his life, made me cried and cried. Why the world is being more cruel to a very good man like Joon Soo; the one who has practically raised the youngest sister Na Ri (Sul Hyun) by carrying her on his back while earning money for the family, and the biggest sacrifice he had done was when he covered his younger brother Hyun Suk (Choi Tae Joon) who have committed a murder by mistake and he served in prison on his brother’s stead for the crime. Was it because he couldn’t bear to hear people say that his brother is a murderer? Then after ten years, he was released on paroled. That day he stared vacantly at the house of his younger brother & sisters who had cut all ties with him and cried his sore and hurted heart out. Like a lie, good fortune suddenly came to him; the one who’s awfully had no luck. After he met his destined lover Na Do Hee (Kang Sora) and even reconciled with his siblings dramatically, now it’s the time for him to have the happiness he deserved. However, there are still much more difficulties to be solved and endured by him. To free himself from being called a killer and also to deal with the fact that his first love Yoo Jung Yeon (Yoon Son Ha) is now Na Do Hee’s stepmother. Could these two people go through this obstacle? I’ve met with Joon Soo and Do Hee for an interview.


Reporter Jung: When you look at Gong Joon Soo, do you feel like ‘Is really someone “that” nice truly exist’?

Im Joo Hwan: Gong Joon Soo is a person who almost like an ‘ethics book’ himself. The things we forget, the things we try to ignore, Joon Soo is aware of that. He’s not just knowing them but he’s also practising what he knows. I have learned a lot from Gong Joon Soo. I’m a lacking person myself but still if you were to find the similarity (between me & Joon Soo), I could be considered to be a responsible person at the very least. When I was a kid, my father always emphasized that I should have a sense of responsibility even at that age. Thanks to the teaching, until now, no matter what I do, I’ll rethink about it more; once or twice before I proceed doing it. I’m like someone who takes anything so seriously way too much. I’m not a fun/interesting person.

Reporter Jung: Do Hee is the kind of woman that we need in this era. I really like her.

Kang Sora: She has quite a charm right! I want to be like her but in future I don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to live and be the same woman what Do Hee is, according to what I wish. (Laugh) Personally, I too have learned a lot from Na Do Hee.

Reporter Jung: Like Na Do Hee, could you love someone without prejudice/open-mindedly?

Kang Sora: Of course. If I get the chance, I want to do it. But could I meet a person like Gong Joon Soo? If I meet someone like him, I’ll absolutely do it.


Reporter Jung: There’s a situation when while Do Hee get praised, relatively Shin Joo Young (Shin So Yol) get criticized. Don’t you feel sorry?

Kang Sora: When I see the script, I talk with Shin So Yol-ssi a lot. Even a little while ago I just talked to her. I hope that she would be able to solve this ‘difficult task’ well please. (Laugh) It’s a fate for an actor to receive bad reaction (from viewers) when we act as a ‘bad’ character.

Im Joo Hwan: When Shin Joo Young get tangled up with our family, she’s changing gradually but right now it’s hard even for us to foresee what may happen (to the character) next. It’s the same for ‘Lawyer Lee’ (Kim Young Hoon). We too are curious on how the scriptwriter will unfold the characters in each episode. Even Na Do Hee also at first didn’t know much about family values especially the love between sibling brothers.

Kang Sora: She’s (Na Do Hee) going to know more (about all that) later right? Even right now, she has changed quite a lot.

Reporter Jung: There are lots of outdoor shooting, lots of movement (scenes that require the actors to move a lot) and why there are so many running scenes? Don’t you feel bitter towards the director?

Kang Sora: It’s not the director’s fault.


Im Joo Hwan: Strictly speaking, it’s not the director’s fault but the scriptwriter’s fault. (Laugh) Even in this present script too, I still have to run 3 more times.

(The director who’s beside me spoke briefly)

Shin Yoon Sub: I don’t know whether I get it wrong here, but it seems that these guys really like to run outside. (Laugh)

Im Joo Hwan: (Laugh) I do like it! As for me, if I suffer a little bit, it makes me feel alive. It’s something difficult but I think I have done it well enough.

Reporter Jung: You enjoy doing difficult things and in future these two people (Do Hee & Joon Soo) have to overcome many obstacles. Would you be able to go through this?

Im Joo Hwan: Of course. The character’s situation is terrible but until now when I see through the progressed feeling, I believe if we combine our effort, it will work out well. Come to think of it, I’m curious too.

Kang Sora: Though she (Do Hee) has already accepted her relationship with her stepmother, she still draw the line in their relationship. She still wouldn’t give in. I think it’ll continue to be like that in future.

Reporter Jung: It has developed into some kind of mania. Can you feel the fans’s love?

Im Joo Hwan: I’m still not pretty sure about it. If I’m aware of it, I would already make sure our filming site and where we have our meal would always be at
the same place. I should have met all the fans by any means. (Laugh)

Kang Sora: I also don’t know about it. I’m in a position in which I couldn’t even meet the people from my agency and my family these days! (Laugh)


Reporter Jung: It seems that you don’t have time for your private affairs at all. Anyway, even though Kang Sora-ssi is young, I feel like I see a maternal affection when I see you in the drama.

Kang Sora: I don’t feel like he’s an ‘Oppa’ to me. (Laugh)

Im Joo Hwan: From Gong Joon Soo’s point of view, she (Na Do Hee) is a person who resembles his mother. At first, he saw Na Do Hee’s great/cool side and became interested in her. For him, he came to admire and respect her first before it bloomed into love.

Reporter Jung: Joon Soo get intertwined with most of the characters in the drama, so it must be hard to handle all the emotions.

Im Joo Hwan: Yes it is. But still, there’s no major difficulty since the director managed to grasp the emotional lines very well. Rather than trying to act the emotions, I’m going to find the emotion that Joon Soo feels genuinely as it comes.

(A staff approached and informed that the shooting is going to start. At the moment the director added a few last words)

Shin Yoon Sub: Our actors, our young friends (child actors) are really nice person. So are Joon Soo 4 siblings and Chul Soo (Hyun Woo). I’ve been directing for a long time but to meet such nice actors like this, is the first time for me. I’m so lucky indeed!

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