[NOTICE] Final Notice for Kang Sora’s Fanmeeting

강소라 소속사 KM컬쳐입니다.
현재 팬미팅 신청을 받고 있는중인데 평일 일정이 어려우신 분들이
상당수 있어서 2월17일 일요일 압구정 7시로 최종 확정하였습니다.

It’s Kang Sora’s agency KM Culture here.
Currently, we have been accepting the application for the fanmeeting but there are many people who find it’s difficult to attend the fanmeeting if it is scheduled on weekdays. So, it has been finalized that the fanmeeting will took place in Apgujeong on Sunday 17th February 2013 around 7 o’clock.

이미 신청하신분들중 일정이 안되시는 분들께는 죄송하게 생각합니다.
예정대로 추가신청은 1월 10일까지이며,확정된 일정이 불가능하신분들은
번거로우시겠지만 다시 메일 부탁드립니다.

To those who had already applied before but wouldn’t be able to fit with the finalized schedule, we feel greatly sorry to you.
The additional application period will remain as planned which is until 10th January 2013. And to those who couldn’t make it to attend the fanmeeting on the newly confirmed schedule, even though it is troublesome, please do us a favor by emailing to us again to clarify the matter.

별도의 참가비는 없습니다.

There is no extra participation fee.

Trans hiedi@nhb19
Source kangsora.kr


안녕하세요. KM컬쳐 입니다.
많은 관심 속에 강소라 팬미팅 신청을 마감하게 되었음에 감사드립니다.

Hello. It’s KM Culture here.
The application to participate in Kang Sora’s fanmeeting has been closed and thank you for showing a lot of interests to it.

장소와 시간은 2월17일 오후 7시 압구정 예홀로 확정 되었습니다.
사전에 신청을 받았던 것은 장소 확정을 위해 대략의
참석인원을 가늠하기 위해서였습니다.

Time and venue for the fanmeeting has been confirmed which is on 7pm of 17th February 2013 at Ye-Hall, Apgujeong.
We need to receive the application jn advance from fans in order for us to plan and confirm the fanmeeting venue approximately based on the estimated attendance.

우선 기간내에 이메일 참여 신청을 해주신 분들은 팬미팅 당일
오후 극장에서 우선적으로 1인1매 선착순 좌석표 배부를 할 예정이고,
신청을 못하셨더라도, 당일 여유 좌석이 남아있을 경우 기 신청자 입장 후
현장 선착순으로 입장 가능하실 것으로 생각됩니다.
극장이 어느 좌석에서도 잘 보이는 위치이므로
너무 일찍 오셔서 고생하시지 않기를 당부드립니다!
(좌석배정은 1인1매,티켓은 본인이 직접 수령하셔야 합니다. 대리수령 불가!!)

To those who were the first ones that had emailed & applied to us, on the day of the fanmeeting, at the theater hall, you’ll have the priority to be allocated by means of 1 ticket seat per 1 person on first-come first-served basis seating plan. Even to those who didn’t apply, if there are still free seats left after all the applicants have entered, your admission to the fanmeeting will be considered. Since you’ll have clear view from any seat positions in the theater, we encourage you not to come too early and trouble yourselves! (Every seat allocation is 1 ticket seat per 1 person, and the ticket must be collected by firsthand. No substitute receipt of ticket seat on behalf of others please!!)

대략 소요시간은 2시간 정도로 예상하고 있으며, 참가비는 무료입니다.
부담 없이 오셔서 소라의 스물 네번째 생일을 함께
축하해 주셨으면 합니다.

The fanmeeting is expected to take roughly about 2 hours and the participation is totally free of charge. Please as well, feel free to come with congratulation gifts for Sora’s 24th birthday.

Trans hiedi@nhb19
Source kangsora.kr


[NOTICE] Notice from DCKang regarding photo credit

Notice from Dckang members regarding photo credits (japanese and chinnese language).all sora pics,video from fansigning,event is share by them so pls respect their rules,so we still can continue to share all about sora to overseas fans.just remain others (including me)if not put a credit.thank you ^^



未经允许, 不得转载图片.

你们喜欢 Sora, 我很高兴.

可是, 对我们来说, 所有资料是寶貴的.

不好意思, 不可随意转走相片.


只能在这里看, 或者 表示 DC Kang Sora Gall.








<Notice for international fans>

Please DO NOT CROP our logo from the contents when you post it to other websites.

Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. DO NOT modify our contents.

Please include the original link and credit when you post our contents.

Feel free to share and enjoy our contents but please respect our copyright, DC Kang Sora Gallery.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

-DC Kang Sora Gallery-

[NOTICE] Message from DC Kang Sora for her third debut anniversary

★★ 배우 강소라의 해외팬분들에게
★★ Dear fans of Actress Kang So-Ra
★★ 親愛的演員姜素拉的支持者

이번에 강소라갤러리에서 강소라 데뷔 3주년에 맞춰
소라에게 전하는 메세지를 모아 정리해서 보내기로 했어요.
DC KangSoRa Gallery is going to collect message from fans
and will send it to Sora since her third debut anniversary is coming up.
為慶祝姜素拉出道3週年,韓國 DC KangSoRa Gallery 現正收集素拉影迷的訊息,並在整理後送給素拉。

해외팬 분들도 참여해주면 소라가 너무 좋아할꺼같아서
이 글을 본 팬분들은 꼭 참여해줬으면 좋겠어요.
We want you to participate because we know Sora will love it~!
If you are reading this, we really want you to join our project.

▼ 밑에 내용에 맞게 보내주세요.
▼The message should be consistent with our contents (see below)
▼ 你給素拉的訊息內容必須跟從以下的形式

-메세지 내용 : 데뷔 3주년 주제에 맞게 소라한테 편지 + 어떤 배우가 되어줬으면 하는지
-Contents of the message : about 3rd debut anniversary + what kind of actress do you want Sora to be
– 訊息內容︰ 與出道3週年有關 + 你希望素拉會成為一個怎樣的演員

-메세지 글자수 : 300~500 이내로 띄어쓰기 포함
조금 넘어도 괜찮지만 많이 넘어가면 거를꺼에요.
-Number of words : 300~500 including spacing of the words
(We are not so strict about this but if it’s way too long we might cut down a little bit..
We have to work on many messages so please understand us)
– 字數︰約300~500字 (含空格及隔行)(我們對字數的限制不會太嚴格,但若訊息太長我們會稍為縮短。希望你體諒我們有很多訊息需要處理)

– 언어 : 한국어 or 영어 (영어도 좋지만 살짝 서툰 한국어가 더 귀여울꺼같아요)
-Language : Korean or English (English is fine but Korean will be great even if it’s not your first language~!)
– 語言︰韓文或英文 (即使韓文不是你的母語,但用韓文會更棒~﹗)

– 사적인 내용보다는 의미있는 메세지로 보내주세요!!!!! 이건 팬레터가 아니니까요.
-The message is not a fan letter! Meaningful contents Please! no private stuffs.
– 這次的訊息並不是影迷信﹗請不要包含與私人有關的內容﹗我們希望給素拉的訊息是有內涵和意義的﹗﹗﹗

– 메세지 보낼때 닉네임 또는 이름을 꼭 같이보내주세요.
-When you send the message, you should put your nickname or name (and country if you want)
– 請你寫上你的暱稱或名字(如你喜歡可加入國家)

– 기간은 7월 25일 수요일까지만 받아요.
– we will accept it until July 25th. Wednesday!
– 截止收件日期為7月25日(星期三)

* 타연예인 언급금지
* DO NOT MENTION other specific celebrities
(If you do, we will erase the sentence or even the whole message. Thank you)
* 請勿在你的訊息內提及其他明星/藝人(如發現違規,我們將會把該句甚或整篇訊息刪去,謝謝.)

▶ 메세지 보낼 메일주소 : nybbang0218@gmail.com

▶Send the message to : nybbang0218@gmail.com

▶ 訊息請寄至︰nybbang0218@gmail.com

강갤 지켜봐주는 해외팬분들 항상 고맙고 감사해요.
앞으로도 배우 강소라 많이 아껴주고 사랑해주시길!
We always thank you for watching KangSoRa Gallery.
I hope you love Actress KangSoRa now and forever!
非常感謝你們經常關注 KangSoRa Gallery.

kor & eng translation by 뉴욕빵
chinnese translation by Hanyi