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[NEWS] Doubt on Kang So Ra’s Acting Hurtful while Fictional Husband is Gentleman

Actress Kang So Ra received the high-profile attention due to starring in KBS 2TV drama series Dream High 2, which has become the growth opportunity for one step closer toward becoming professional actress.

Kang So Ra played the role of optimist girl Shin Hae Sung in Dream High 2, who is dreaming of becoming a singer. This was also the first time she played the leading role. In order to perfectly portray the characteristic of possessing strength in both singing and dancing of arts school student, she has put in a lot of efforts. “Director asked me to relax, and we even went to concert of Leessang together, I also watched Super Junior’s concert, I also very like musical theater, these gave me a lot of inspiration. Although the role I played is dreaming of becoming a singer, but is not good in singing, so I did not bother to practice singing.”

Viewership ratings of the drama is not satisfactory, fortunately has a wonderful atmosphere

In the drama, Kang So Ra is joining 2AM member Jung Jinwoon, JB, T-ara member Jiyeon, After School member Kahi, Park Jin Young and other singers. Comparing with other drama she previously starred in, this drama mainly comprised of rookie actors. “Firstly, grateful that the drama can completed successfully, most importantly is the good memories that were produced with these friends. Although they’re singers, but did not appear jerky in acting, and are also very talented, very consistent with the atmosphere of the whole drama.”

The drama also has a distinctive joyous atmosphere that is different from other dramas because of similar age of cast members. “The atmosphere on the set was very active, undisciplined, and even slightly noisy, the director used to get angry, Jung Jin Woon was very active.” However, Dream High 2 was not always sailing smoothly. Because the audience ratings were not as high as previous season, the cast members felt tremendous pressure. “Although the ratings were not very good, but we did not lose our morale, but always felt sorry to the staff crews. If the ratings were good, everybody would put in more efforts, as a lead actress, I do have some sense of responsibility.

Acting been questioned is very hurt

The acting of Kang So Ra in the drama has been questioned by a lot of picky viewers. This is something that she, who won the newcomer award via movie Sunny, did not expect, and there is people who even accused her acting has affected other actors. “It’s a lie if saying that I am not hurt, to me, it’s a big blow, but I think that I definitely have some weaknesses that could be pointed out, then I adjusted my way of performance so that the acting could be more natural. Actually personally I forget about it after seeing it, instead people around me asked me not to worry, this is also one of the way people shows their care to me.”

Kang So Ra who talked about the sad past with a smile is so strong, “Dream High 2 lets me learned a lot, is a very good experience, I will never regret.” Kang So Ra who has gone through the phase of been questioned appeared to be more mature, became easier when interpreting Shin Hae Sung. Later, Shin Hae Sung also won the confession of JB and Jung Jinwoon, “The dating with JB in the market was very fun. Nowadays people rarely goes to such place, the atmosphere was great. Comparing with department stores, take a look at the fish and stroll in the market, eat friend rice cakes are even more interesting. JB and Yoo Jin are very charming, Yoo Jin is the kind of free-spirited, JB should have a lot of pressure as the star, I like person who has the ability to communicate and understanding, and have common interest with me.”

In the drama, Kang So Ra not only tasted the sweet taste of love, but also experienced the pain while growing up, and what she will achieve on the road of her career in future is highly anticipated. “I want to hear commenting that I am an actress who acts well, ‘the role is charming,’ ‘perform well,’ this kind of words, listening to these I am very happy, I hope to become a respected person, rather than a mysterious figure, but also want to be a caring senior for the younger generation, but now I am very far away from all of these.”

Kang So Ra and idol group Super Junior member Leeteuk co-starring in MBC TV entertainment program We Got Married 3, and they ‘married’ in October 2011, becoming a new pair of fictional couple.

Fictional husband is a gentleman, We Got Married has no script

“He’ll create a lot of surprises, the character is good too, although he has debuted for quite a long time, but still maintains the very original dream, as the older generation of entertainment industry, he has a lot of places that one should learn from, very polite and gentleman, is the best husband.” When talking about her fictional husband Leeteuk, Kang So Ra revealed a shy smile. When asked if Leeteuk often tried to kiss her, Kang So Ra repeatedly said, “Really?” and looked down. Becoming a couple with idol star has also made Kang So Ra received a lot of pressure from fans. But he revealed, “The persons who support us surprisingly many, some time ago the program cannot be broadcast because of issue on the TV station, some had even felt pity for us.”

Later, Kang So Ra denied about ‘We Got Married 3 script issue’ that exposed previously. “There is no script, even the location is known only on the day of shooting. Normally, will begin filming right after setting up a camera. The sketch everybody casted doubt on previously basically was done when traveling.”

Talk about co-starring actors, grateful to Ju Jin Mo for leading her onto the road of entertainment

Kang So Ra not only won the heart of Leeteuk, in Dream High 2 she also captured the hearts of JB and Jung Jinwoon, “Yoo Jin (2AM member Jung Jin Woon) is the kind of free-spirited, JB should have a lot of pressure as the star, I like person who has the ability to communicate and understanding, and have common interest with me.”

When mentioning Kang So Ra, one will reminiscent of Joo Jin Mo. He not only is the senior who led Kang So Ra to embark on the road of acting, but he is also the boss of management agency she belongs to. Kang So Ra revealed that Joo Jin Mo has great sense of humor, “He is very humorous and forthright, because we have been filming recently, seldom meet each other, but before long the company will have activity. At that time, want to have a good vent.”

Looking forward to cooperate with senior actors to enhance the acting

When asked if she intends to co-star with boss Joo Jung Mo in a film, Kang So Ra said, “If can, he should first teaches me how to act, he is very understanding, is also very interesting. Like senior Cha Tae Hyun and Park Bo Young in the movie Scandal Makers are very suitable, the kind of relationship that is incompatible as fire and water. But his face is really too small, the actress who stars with him has great burden, basically, he has to stand in front of me.”

Kang So Ra also anticipates the cooperation with other senior actors, “I want to cooperate with many, if can cooperate with seniors such as Hang Jung Woo, Kong Hyo Jin, Yun Yeo Jeong, Lee Mi Sook, Jung Yoo Mi and so on, is a great honor for me, even for just speaking a dialog line, how do they spend the time waiting for shooting, how they understand the script, how they mark.”

Kang So Ra revealed that she wants to be a director even more. She who studies in performing arts department of Dongguk University wants to direct a story related to human. After debuting, Kang So Ra has been busy with works, she said that recently she has the plan to return to school, “The first semester of third year, I do not have time to go to school currently, unable to confirm if I can often go to school. Although I used to try to write script, but for me to become a director, it will be very long time in future.”

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[NEWS] Kang Sora – “Dream High 2 Is Disappointing? It Was A Valuable Experience, So It Is Okay.” (Interview)

강소라가 ‘드림하이2’를 마친 소감을 전했다.

Kang Sora shared her thought after Dream High Season 2 ended.

KBS 2TV ‘드림하이2’는 말도 많고 탈도 많은 작품이었다. 시즌1이 김수현이라는 대 스타를 탄생시킨 화제작이었기에 ‘드림하이2’ 역시 많은 기대를 모았다. 그러나 안타깝게도 막상 뚜껑을 열어보니 기대 이하였다.

There’re many things and problems to be viewed about KBS’s Dream High Season 2. After successfully creating a big star of Kang So Hyun from previous Dream High Season 1, nevertheless the continuation of the drama had been becoming a hot topic which were anticipated by many people as well. Therefore, it seems the disappointment can’t be covered indeed for the result that is below everyone’s expectation for this drama.

‘드림하이2’는 시청률 고전에 작가만 서너번 바뀔 정도였다. 이에 배우들의 시름도 깊어만 갔다. 추운 날씨에 성적 부진까지 곂쳐져 제작진과 출연진 모두 힘든 상황이었다. 다행히 출연진 사이는 더할 나위없이 좋아 훈훈한 분위기 아래에서 연기할 수 있었다고.

A tough competition for Dream High 2 to get good ratings made the writer even changed the script for a few times. This matter simply deepened the anxiety of the crews. It appears to be a really hard situation for the crews to got knocked by a disappointing result in such a cold weather during the shooting process. Fortunately, they still were able to perform well under a nice atmosphere and maintained good relationship between each others.

이에 대해 강소라는 깊은 한숨을 내쉬면서도 “좋은 경험이 됐다”고 말했다.

Remind by the moment, Kang Sora sighed and said, “It made a good experience.”

“다시는 이와 같은 경험을 할 수 없을 것이다. 내가 언제 다시 이렇게 잘난 아이돌 멤버들과 연기를 하겠냐. 촬영 하는 내내 아이돌이 된 기분이었다. 아쉬운 점은 분명있지만 배운 것도 많다. 체력이 딸린다는 것을 뒤늦게 깨달아 관리의 중요성을 새삼 느꼈다. 내 연기에 대해서도 다시금 되짚어 볼 수 있는 시간이었다. ‘내가 너무 심각하게 했나? 나만 생각했나’란 고민들을 끊임없이 했다. 결과적으로 내가 너무 과했다는 결론에 도달했고 연기가 들쑥날쑥했던 것이 사실이다. 속상했지만 값진 경험이었다.”

“I probably couldn’t get such an experience again. Not everyday I could work with such great actors/actresses and members. Throughout the shooting process I truly felt like a real actress. Although, there were some unpleasant points, but I also learned a lot. There was time when I looked back at my acting. And I thought worriedly, ‘Had I done it so badly? Was it only me?’. In the end, I realized I was too exaggerating it -. I was upset but it was a valuable experience after all.”

그래도 강소라는 자기자신을 토닥였다. 강소라는 “너무 추웠는데 잘 견뎠다는 사실에 좋은 점수를 주고 싶다”고 덧붙였다. 영하의 날씨에 얇은 교복 한장만 입고 내복투혼을 벌여야 했기에 여배우로서는 최악의 환경이었다. 카메라가 돌아가면 히터도 작동시킬 수 없어 추운 날씨는 ‘드림하이2’ 최대 장애물이었다.

However, Kang Sora confidence got ‘slapped’. “It was extremely cold that time and I should cope with it well, that’s why I really want to get a good outcome,” added her. “In the below freezing point weather, I only wore a very thin uniform and I still should have my fighting spirit yet, it was the worst circumstance for being an actress. Even went the camera went off, I still couldn’t activate the heater. Cold weather was being the biggest obstacle during the shooting process of Dream High 2.

한편 강소라는 이번 작품을 위해 연기 뿐 아니라 여자 주인공으로서 다양한 부분에 심혈을 기울이는 기회를 가졌다.

Kang Sora herself thinks that for the drama this time, it wasn’t just about acting but it also how she devoted herself in many ways for being one of the leading characters.

“내가 원래 잘 붓는 스타일이어서 브라운관에 종종 예쁘지 않게 나오는 경우가 많았다. 이런 테크니컬한 것을 생각 못했다. 컨디션도 잘 조절해야 겠더라. 기분을 타다 보니 주인공으로서 동료 배우들을 다독이지 못하고 도리어 주변 인물들에게 도움을 받은 경우가 더 많다.”

“I actually look swollen sometimes so often it didn’t come out good on the screen. I couldn’t bear to think technical problems like this. Hence, I must maintain my good condition. In some moments I would experience difficulties for getting into my character and for doing the extensive long reading with other characters, but I got a lot of helps from those people who have more flexible personality.”

이와 관련해 다소 어려운 질문을 던졌다. 바로 ‘드림하이3’ 제안이 와도 다시 할 의사가 있느냐는 것.

Relating with this experience somewhat brought her to a hard question. Directly into the question if she would have any intention to accept the offer for Dream High 3 in the future.

강소라는 잠시 고민하더니 긍정적인 대답을 내놨다. “신해성의 8년 뒤라면 할 의사가 있다”고 말했다. 기린예고에서 낑낑대는 신해성이 아닌 브로드웨이에 진출해 새로운 꿈을 찾은 신해성이라면 OK라는 설명이다. 강소라는 “내게 영원히 기억될 작품이다. 연기자로서 시련도 느꼈고 큰 보람도 갖게 해준 드라마다”고 강조했다.

Kang Sora seemed to be hesitated for a while but she managed to put a positive answer of it. “I would want to do the role of 8 years older Shin Hye Seong,” she said. She explained she wouldn’t want to do the role of the same Shin Hye Seong in Kirin Art High School any longer, but she would be OK if it’s the ‘new’ Shin Hye Seong who wants to chase after Broadway and gets a new dream/ ambition. “It’ll be forever in my memory. I felt the hardships for being the main character, but it was worth to do this drama,” she declared.

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[PICS] Kang Sora – News Interview 5

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Sora said that she was wondering if Teuk Oppa will prepare some special event to celebrate their 200 days anniversary. Sora said before joining WGM, she was not smart and did not know how to aegyo.  But when she is with Teuk Oppa, she really changed a lot.  Teuk Oppa is very talented and full of affection/passionate (다정 (多情) can’t find the right English expression).  Both her parents are fans of him.

Regarding overseas honeymoon, since Sora has only been to Japan and Singapore, she wants to visit Europe before.  She knows that Teuk Oppa also wants to go to Europe.  She also pledged to the WGM to let them have their honeymoon there.

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[PICS] Kang Sora – News Interview 4

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27일 오후 KBS2 드라마 ‘드림하이 2’에서 매사에 긍정적이고 씩씩한 신해성 역할을 맡아 연기한 배우 강소라가 스타엔과의 인터뷰에 앞서 포즈를 취하고 있다.

배우 강소라는 2009년 영화 ‘4교시 추리영역’(2009)으로 데뷔해 영화 ‘써니’(2011), 방송 ‘우리 결혼했어요 시즌3’, 드라마 ‘우리집 여자들’(2011) 등에 출연했으며 지난 20일 종영한 KBS2 드라마 ‘드림하이 2’로 많은 사람들의 사랑을 받았다.

현재 강소라는 차기 작품을 준비 중에 있으며 다양한 연기변신을 예고했다.

Actress Kang So Ra, who played a dashing yet brave role in Dream High 2, poses for an interview on KBS earlier at 27th of March.

Kang So Ra first debut was during 2009 by her acting at a movie titled ‘4th Period Mystery’. She now gets quite admiration from both young and older societies due to her appearances in many hit and successful projects; such as ‘Sunny’ – 2011, ‘We Got Married season 3’, ‘The Women of Our Home’ – 2011, and especially after the ending of ‘Dream High 2’ by the end of March 2012.

Kang So Ra is currently preparing for her next project and she considers to play various different roles than what she had done in the past.

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