[NEWS] Kang So Ra confirmed for the female lead of ‘Misaeng’


Actress Kang So Ra has been confirmed for the female lead of the drama version of ‘Misaeng‘!

She’d been in talks to play the female lead An Young, and now she’s confirmed! She plays the perfectionist employee who looks like she’s cold and flawless on the outside, but is actually passionate, a little clumsy, and innocent on the inside.
‘Misaeng’ originally featured as a webtoon last year on the Daum portal site and was remade into a short film featuring ZE:A‘s Siwan. ‘Monster‘s PD Kim Won Suk and writer Jang Yoon Jung will reunite for this drama remake as well. 
The drama is set to air in October this year on tvN.

[NEWS] Kang Sora Gets into a Traffic Accident, Suffers a Neck Injury


It has been belatedly reported that actress Kang So Ra has gotten into a traffic accident.

On July 8, the actress was on her way to film SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger,” when she got into the accident.

A representative of her agency commented on July 13, “The cars slightly bumped into each other. She does not have to get treated at the hospital, but she felt pain in her neck muscles, and thus she wears a detachable cast around her neck.”

“Everyone at the filming location seemed to be surprised upon seeing her poor physical condition,” the rep said, and added, “Luckily there seem to be no aftereffects.”

On July 11, Kang So Ra started filming the Chinese film version of “Doctor Stranger.” A representative of the drama said, “We were surprised to see Kang So Ra enter with a neck cast. Although she was not seriously injured, she said her neck feels stiff. To everyone’s relief, there was no change to the filming schedule, and she showed her regular bright image on set.”



[NEWS] Kang Sora, Whose Acting Is Getting Solid & More Profound, Her Future Is Much More Anticipated


Actress Kang Sora finally can break away from her past role as Ha Chun Hwa in ‘Sunny’ and she can breathe a sigh of relief now after she managed to capture audience’s heart through the diverse characters that she portrayed. Perhaps it can be said that the biggest role that she played so far is her character in SBS drama ‘Doctor Stranger’ after all.

In her recent drama ‘Doctor Stranger’ Kang Sora appeared as a strong-minded doctor named Oh Soo Hyun. While working together with two attractive men Park Hae Jin (Han Jae Joon role) and Lee Jong Suk (Park Hoon role), she’s able to show a sweet romance with both men as well as doctor’s charisma at the same time.

In the past episode on July 1st, Soo Hyun found out the real identity of Jae Joon and she then discovered the fact that she is the princess in the castle who Jae Joon has been using in order to fulfill his revenge plan. Soo Hyun initially went looking for Park Hoon but in return she was in shock to hear from Park Hoon that Han Jae Joon is likely to be the person named Lee Sung Hoon; the son of a medical malpractice’s victim from the incident that happened 20 years ago. Much worse, Han Jae Joon still retains strong hostility towards her father Oh Joon Gyu (played by Jeon Guk Hwan).

Although Oh Joon Gyu is a cold-blooded man by nature, Soo Hyun still managed to soften her father’s heart. And even though she’s quite a callous and cool-headed doctor, she’s still a lovely and warm-hearted daughter towards her father. Moreover, Soo Hyun is passionate and genuine more than anyone else when it comes to matters of the heart.

Her romance with Park Hae Jin in the drama, though it is a relationship that bound together by a deliberate approach, she’s able to make it sweet. Kang Sora also managed to convey the fluttering feeling when she couldn’t hide how she feels towards Lee Jong Suk in the drama.

Based on accumulated acting experiences that she gained from her previous works, no matter what role given to her, Kang Sora would assimilate them according to her own acting style. She displayed a remarkably mature and in-depth acting particularly in this drama. Viewers regardless of age and sex have huge interest on her.

Kang Sora who debuted in 2009 through movie ‘4th Period Mystery’ has appeared in a few movies like ‘Sunny’ & ‘My Paparotti’ and became the rising star in Chungmuro. She then went on to star in several dramas like ‘Dr. Champ’, ‘The Women Of Our Home’, ‘Dream High 2’ and her casting in daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’ became a hot topic.

Playing the role of a daughter to the president of a leading fashion company who worked her way up to make her own fortune rather than just receiving support from her family in the drama ‘Ugly Alert’, Kang Sora showed the charm of a tough woman with principle. Through the drama, she managed to be deeply engraved into the mind of major audience of daily drama which are mainly housewives and thus adored by them.

After ‘Doctor Stranger’ ended, Kang Sora is expected to be even busier with ‘Misaeng’ a.k.a Incomplete Life); the sequel of the most influential drama produced by cable channel TVN. Adapted from a webtoon, ‘Misaeng’ unfolds a story about a young man who has been dedicated his life to be a pro baduk player and he was thrown into the harsh reality of life after failing miserably at it.

Im Shi Wan has been mentioned as the candidate for the leading man character Jang Geu-Rae while Kang Sora will be likely to play for Ahn Yeong-I role. Ahn Yeong-I is a smart and meticulous new employee who has thorough way of doing things. She’s also someone whose emotions are hard to read and suffers a great deal of stress due to the jealous seniors at work.

After receiving love calls for various projects, public now have much higher expectation on Kang Sora. Public are really looking forward to see what kind of acting she’s going to perform in the future to captivate the audience.

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[NEWS] Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora, Have “Surgery Date” In ‘Doctor Stranger’


Park Hae Jin and Gang Sara showed ‘elite doctor couple’ looks in the drama, ‘Doctor Stranger’.

SBS ‘Doctor Stranger’ has released few images of them from the film. In the story they are the best surgery partners in the hospital and at the same time, the lovers. In the photos, they are looking at each other with a natural smile in the suspense of a surgery.

As a medial intelligence melodrama, ‘Doctor Stranger’ is a story of two doctors, Lee Song Suk and Park Hae Jin fighting against a conspiracy.

The series will premiere on May 5, as the follow-up of ‘God’s Gift-14days’.


[NEWS] Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, and more attend their first script reading for ‘Doctor Stranger’


Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, and more attended their first script reading for upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama ‘Doctor Stranger’!

For this particular script reading session, PD Jin Hyuk, writers Park Jin Woo, and Kim Joo, Lee Jong Suk, Kang So Ra, Park Hae Jin, Chun Ho Jin, Jun Kook Hwan, Park Hae Joon, Choi Jung Woo, Jung In Ki, Kim Ji Young, Goo Seung Hyun, and more were in attendance. The cast acted out the depth of their characters and made eye contact with one another, displaying their teamwork without showing any signs of tiredness throughout the four-hour script reading.

PD Jin Hyuk greeted the cast and crew as well as introduced the cast one-by-one and when he introduced Lee Jong Suk, he said, “Lee Jong Suk did his debut production with me so it feels new and different to reunite like this… Let’s work hard.”

‘Doctor Stranger’ will be directed by ‘City Hunter‘ and ‘The Sun of My Master‘s PD Jin Hyuk and will portray the story of a genius North Korean defector, Dr. Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk), who enters Korea’s top hospital and adjusts to life as an outsider in his workplace.

‘Doctor Stranger’ will premiere following ‘God’s Gift -14 Days‘ on April 28!

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[NEWS] Kang So-ra in “Doctor Stranger” with Lee Jong-suk and Park Hae-jin


Actress Kang So-ra is starring in the SBS drama “Doctor Stranger“.

This is the first time in about 2 years since the 2012 KBS 2TV drama “Dream High 2” that Kang So-ra is coming back. She takes on the role of Oh Soo-hyeon, the daughter of the director of the hospital.

She is sophisticated and cultured but is weak enough to be hurt easily. She will be in a three way romance with Park Hae-jin and Lee Jong-suk.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Stranger” is a medical spy drama about a man Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk) with a mysterious past working in the best hospital in Korea. It is directed by Jin Hyeok from “Prosecutor Princess“, “City Hunter” and others and written by Park Jin-wu from “Land of wind“.

This drama is going to be broadcasted in April after “God’s Gift – 14 Days“.

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[NEWS] Seo In Guk, Kim Yuri, Kang Sora, and Kim So Hyun to Put on Special Performances at the SBS Drama Awards

After performing in various dramas in 2013, Seo In Guk, Kim Yuri, Kang Sora, and Kim So Hyun will put on a different kind of performance at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards.

On December 27, SBS announced that Seo In Guk, Kim Yuri, Kang Sora, and Kim So Hyun will be holding a celebratory performance during the award ceremony.

55212652Seo In Guk will sing One More Day from the musical Les Miserables with a chorus, while Kim Yuri will sing Dream A Little Dream of Me the movie French Kiss.

Kang Sora will transform into Roxie from the musical Chicago, and Kim So Hyun will perform IU’s Red Shoes.

Producer Kim Yong Jae, in charge of the drama awards, stated that the actors are working hard to put on a pitch perfect performance, considering what a rare event it is to hear the actors, like Kang Sora, Kim Yuri, and Kim So Hyun, sing.

Seo In Guk and Kim Yuri acted in Master’s Sun. Kang Soraa acted in Ugly Alert, while Kim So Hyun appeared in I Hear Your Voice and The Suspicious Housekeeper.

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