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Actress Kang Sora has been living a busy life of shooting for her drama . Clad in creamy-look clothing, she stood in front of the camera with natural mood. She looked so in-tune with the nude colour trend.

ins1See-through white dress with structured silhouette by Calvin Klein Collection.

ins2Backless white top from Son Jung Wan.

“I think I’m going to fall asleep at once/immediately if I close my eyes like this. For more than two months since I started shooting drama, I couldn’t rest, not even for a single day. Even though I want to be wide awake by drinking strong coffee, I just forebear it. Lately, I reduce caffeine intake in my drinks and I just drink plain water instead.”

ins3Indian pink top by Vanessa Bruno Athé, high-waisted lace pants skirt by Son Jung Wan.

ins4Salmon pink shirt and matching salmon pink skirt with peplum detail from TWISTY by 1423.

 “I like to wear jeans with shirt that matches casual style but lately, I also try to wear feminine item more often. New style challenge is surprisingly enjoyable experience to me.”

ins5Ethnic mood blouse with suede shorts by Isabel Marant.

“Although my style has changed to more femininely now but my hasty personality still hasn’t changed that much. Yet before the photographer is even ready, I did change to (other) clothes very quickly, didn’t I?”


Lace-detailed bustier dress by Jill Stuart,

chiffon material padded cardigan by Shopaholic, necklace by Minetani.

“This faltering eye gaze…The sorrow it has seems like a strange feeling (she might refer to the pictorial mood required by the photographer). This is my first time trying a lingerie look but it suits exactly to my taste. I think I’ll give a shot at wearing lingerie look dress again next time either on the red carpet or any other event.”

From acting in the impressive movie Sunny to drama Dream High, involving in variety program We Got Married to the animation movie Merida and the Magical Forest as the voice actor, Kang Sora definitely has experienced in a variety of genres within such a short period of time. Even so she is a rookie but she’s not the same as other rookie and instead, she exudes the air of mature and experienced artiste.

“Characterwise, I’m actually a little bit quick-tempered/impetuous person. As you can see, I even changed these garments in no time (Laughed). If I didn’t do so, I think I’ll nod off to sleep within the standby time. Therefore, I would as well move my body as much as possible.”

Come to think of it, she sure has became slimmer than ever. Her long arms and legs makes she looks much taller.

“I think I’m losing weight due to sleep deprivation. Since I started shooting for ‘Ugly Alert’, I haven’t get to rest not even for a day. Even today I came back home at 7 in the morning. Before the drama shooting started, I did some pilates and ballet everyday. These two types of exercises were extremely helpful since both emphasize on bodyline workout. Lately I really want to exercise so badly.”

She still looks adorable even when she was whining like that. In front of the camera lens, she somewhat has the proportion that is way better than some models.
“All this while, as it’s rather common to see me in pictorial work that has trendy concept with intense gaudy colour, so it seems that I have little chance to show my natural look. Therefore today, I like the fact that my exact natural look will be shot without any special make-up or being dress-up dramatically.”

She came to the studio wearing only wavy dress covered with loose cardigan, completed with styled-hair and make-up on. There is somewhat similarity with the fashionable cold haughty Na Do Hee; her character in drama ‘Ugly Alert’ in the way she dressed up.
“She (Na Do Hee) is similar with me since we both are inquisitive and cool by nature. So, it’s not that hard to portray her character. The clothes that she likes are also similar with mine. It is such a pity that I don’t have time to go shopping these days. So, I just buy clothes that stylist suggests.”

Her short answers and speed actions, as well as her straightforward attitude…it feels like she is much more mature than her age.
“These days I couldn’t get in touch that often with my friends of the same age even via SNS. I just simply managed to say hello to my fans and it mostly has never been exceeded 10 words. I like simple things. Even in my life and on my mind too it has always been oriented with ‘simple life’ principal.”

More details will be featured in InStyle July issue.

Planning/Lee Jung Geum ; Photo/Choi Yong Bin; Makeup/Go Won Hye ;
Hair/Kim Ga Young ; Stylist/Ahn Mi Gyung

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