[VID] Won Bin & Kang Sora – Basic House Summer 2012 Making Film


[PICS] Kang Sora & Won Bin – Basic House Summer 2012 making pictorial

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Actress Kang Sora signed an exclusive modeling for the casual fashion brand, Basic House with the actor Won Bin as her partner.

A Basic House officially explained why Kang Sora was chosen as their next female model. ”We believed Kang Sora’s bright and healthy image that is much loved by the public would be a perfect match with our own brand image and thus appointed her as an exclusive model.” Kang Sora got the exclusive modeling contract after Moon Geun Yeong.

Reports said that Kang Sora wrapped up a successful photo shoot for Basic House last month with the main male model, Won Bin as the brand’s latest couple. Kang Sora lighted up the working atmosphere with her upbeat and cheerful personality despite the fact that it was her first project for Basic House.

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