[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora, A 90 liner Girl Who Resembles The Spring Herself: “Lee Jong Suk-ssi? He is a very considerate and a kind person.”


Born in 1990, she is a 24-year-old woman. Though it is supposed to be a lovely age for everyone but it is still an inadequate age that might fill with only 2% of one’s life experience. It has been 6 years now since she debuted in 2009 through the movie ‘4th Period Mystery’ and entered acting life. Although she got to know the fun of living as a celebrity, there were a few times when she felt difficult at some point in her journey. The winter has passed and the spirit of spring is in the air this March. We welcomed actress Kang Sora; a ‘spring-like girl’ who is pure and pretty like flower herself, for our Sports Chosun Special Issue.

▶ Come back as a bright lady

At a glance from afar, she was approaching with a bright cheerful feeling . Her untied hair was slightly touching her shoulder. Kang Sora looked lovely in the yellow sleeveless dress she was wearing. I wonder where did the tomboy girl who always wears denim fashion in ‘Sunny’ go? Only the elegant lady remains now. It has been so long since I asked after her last time, so I should praise her for the way she looks now. “You overpraise me,” she said shyly. When women are in love, they become prettier, is it like that for you? I asked this to her. “No. I have no time to date right now since I have started shooting for ‘Doctor Stranger. I’m someone who unable to enjoy other things when I start to focus on doing a certain thing. Normally, I couldn’t even watch my favourite movie. If I watch a movie, I’ll keep hearing this thought; ‘That scene, I’ll have to use the same acting approach when I act next time’, and it’ll keep repeating on the back of my mind. Therefore, I’ll avoid watching any movie while I’m busy acting myself since it can make me unable to enjoy and focus on my work.”

And then she said laughingly, “But that doesn’t mean that I’m someone who reads the script 24 hours a day you know.” Kang Sora has great expectation for her drama ‘Doctor Stranger’. “I’m going to show the image that I have been showing up to this point, as well as another different side of me. Even it’s quite chilly outside, I’m so full with burning passion inside. When I work with Lee Jong Suk, this kind of enthusiasm seeps through me.”

Kang Sora is the same age as Lee Jong Suk. Although Lee Jong Suk is a 89 liner, he was born on September and although Kang Sora is a 90 liner, the fact that she was born on February, putting only a little age gap between them. “Lee Jong Suk seems so kind. Because it’s a medical drama, I actually have to observe how is thoracic surgery done, but the day before I couldn’t sleep well and I became so nervous about it. My condition was bad since morning, but Jong Suk-ssi was very considerate and took a good care of me.”

After that, Kang Sora kept on praising her other co-star Park Hae Jin as well as another co-stars that she had worked with before like Im Joo Hwan, Lee Je Hoon, Yoo Seung Ho and many more.

I said to her that it’s good to see that she knows how to point out and praise other people’s merit even though she’s at a young age. To this, Kang Sora said jokingly, “Because I’m someone who eat really well, you know.”

▶ Actresses who are 90 liner alone, are so many. I guess it’s a formation of ‘white horse line’

The number of 90 liner actresses are unusually large. “I went to an award ceremony before and I heard that Park Shin Hye has the same birthday as me. It’s amazing to know that. Also, there are another actresses like Go Ara and Park Bo Young, and for idol actress, there is Yoona. Really, there are many 90 liner actresses around us.” I asked her the possible reason why suddenly 90 liner actresses are actively working in the industry.


“Well, I’m not sure. It could be nothing but just a coincidence that many actresses seems to gathered around at the same time. From what I’ve heard, in the past there was a reluctance to speak about woman who born in the year of horse. But don’t you think the unique effervescent personality of the woman of the horse year really suits well for an actress personality? I’m going to just listen if someone says that I’m a ‘white horse line’.”

When I joked that we could sometimes invite pretty boys even they were born from different year like Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin to form a ‘white horse line’, Kang Sora said, “After being a celebrity, I feel anxious even just to meet my oppa friends,” while shaking her head in disagreement.

This is not the only thing that she unable to do after being an actress. Her old hobby was to take pictures. “Before I debut, I used to go out a lot just to take pictures. But I already sold my camera. To take some snapshots, I even rode the subway and went travelling frequently. The nature of photography work itself is not easy, you know. These days, since I’m going around mostly by car so it’s meaningless to continue my photography hobby anymore,” said Kang Sora regretfully. “I usually ask for a camera with viewfinder foundation. But living as an actress, if I curl my eyelashes with eyelash curler, it’ll touch the camera lens. Haha,” added Kang Sora in laughing.

▶ Kang Sora’s brain structure? “My house was on fire”

“You mean you want to know what are the thoughts inside my mind lately?” Kang Sora then drew them out one by one on a piece of paper. And ‘Doctor Stranger’ is the first thing that filled the most of her thoughts. To her, it seems like there are no other important things on her mind currently rather than ‘Doctor Stranger’, since she also wrote ‘interior’ as one of the things that occupies her thoughts.
“Actually, my house was on fire not long ago. The fire was in my room and it really wasn’t that big. But I replaced the wallpaper completely to a new one. I even changed all the furniture.”

“I became interested in interior decoration while redecorating my room. Before this, I couldn’t even organize my dressing room but now I have to do it,” said Kang Sora.

“Since I’m also interested in clothes, I even went abroad to buy something good from there. Though truthfully the price won’t be that cheap even after subtracting customs duty and shipping cost. Haha.”

Besides that, Kang Sora also listed down ‘parent’s health’ and ‘puppy’ on the paper. What kind of lovely life she has been living as the only daughter and child in the family? “Well, I’m not sure. I don’t think I live that way. I don’t know about my dad but my mom is a ‘Queen of Observing/Ponting Out’. My mom is someone who will observe and point out my acting or even my style and give her opinion about it without moderation,” laughed Kang Sora. When we then talked about her puppy, plenty of affection could be felt from her. “Puppy usually can be trained well so that he knows his way around the house. Since I’m busy these days due to drama shooting, he thought that he is the ‘ruler’ of the house now.”

Finally, topic about ‘travel’ came up. “When the shooting for this drama ends, I want to go to Spain with a big sister that I’m closed with. I wish to visit Gaudi Cathedral and some other places in Spain. On this, she said “In the Spain episode of TVN’s ‘Grandpa Over Flower’, it was highlighted that ‘if you were to go to Spain, this episode should be your reference tour’. So, I’m looking forward to it.” When she was saying this, Kang Sora looked so excited. The interview ended in an amicable atmosphere. We’re looking forward to Kang Sora’s come back to see her transformation from just a girl to a much more elegant lady.

Translate by:Hiedi/@nhb19
Source: sports.chosun



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