[INTERVIEW] Kang Sora – ELLE Magazine December Issue

Kang Sora ~ The More You Know, The More You See 

[Drama ‘Ugly Alert’ and Kang Sora] Until now I have rested for just exactly 3 days. Filming outside throughout the 6 months, I only had 2~3 hours sleep. I also didn’t get to do my pilates workout and during my little day off, I would only go for acupressure massage and sleep.

[The lesson of daily drama] I have gained some kind of tenacity and endurance. ‘I should hang in there’, ‘I have to survive this’, such morale booster words would come out naturally. Even though I receive a lot of compliment for my acting these days, but in my eyes, my acting seems a little bit off/under-performed sometimes. I could tell whether that scene was filmed when I had to shoot for all night long for 3 days and that scene was shot when I had my acupressure massage. To be honest, the condition of my body is pretty obvious.

[Favorite animal] I’m raising a poodle now. When I was a kid, I used to raise snails & turtle since my house was small. Being the only daughter with no sibling in the family, I feel a little lonely. It doesn’t look like that I feel that way? I seem to be lively but actually I am lonely. (Smile)

[Social issue of interest] I paid taxes with my own hand for the first time this year and in the process, I got interested in political economy. I’m curious what kind of policy was practiced by our constituency and for whom the paid taxes are being used. The part that I got interested with, I’ll search for more information about it. I also take a look at CNN News through mobile phone application.

[Various aspects of the world that you want to change] Education problem. Given the facts that nowadays, even things like sexual crimes that are likely to be done by adults were committed by elementary school students. I strongly think that humanity education should be taught more thoroughly to the children.

[Books that you read these days] I read ‘The Copy Cat’ by Miyabe Miyuki & ‘Snow White Must Die’ by Nele Neuhaus. The husband of this German female author; Nele Neuhaus ran a sausage/meat-packing factory. Her book series are all interesting despite the fact that she wrote the books while helping with her husband’s work in the factory during her spare time.

[Good deed that you practice in life] I don’t leave any food on my plate and I hardly use disposable paper cups.

[Memory of sharing] I sponsor 4~5 children under World Vision organization. Since I start reading this year, I also become interested in sharing programs. I give aqua watch, sports shoes and other such items as a present under my mother’s name.

[Special plan in life] My personality has changed a lot when I took part in theater club activities during high school. If I want to do a talent donation next time, I want to tell more information about theater/play to high school student. In a club like youth organizations for example, I suggest them to run a theater group. It would be good to make a ‘situation drama’ based on hurtful memories in life through an original play.

** Translate by: Hiedi/@nhb19
** Source: http://goo.gl/NRxcoj
** Please take out with proper credits


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