[NEWS] ‘Ugly Alert’ Kang Sora, Resettle To New Home ‘Will Entertainment’… Live Under The Same Roof With Lee Bo Young & Lee Ji Ah


~ Plan to continue mutual co-operation with original agency ‘Company Dajungdagam’~

‘Ugly Alert’ actress Kang Sora has signed an exclusive contract with ‘Will Entertainment’.

‘Will Entertainment’ gave a statement on the 15th Oct, “We had recently signed an exclusive contract with Kang Sora. As much as the burning passion that Kang Sora has for acting, we will provide full support to her so that she can develop her acting career with more stable acting ability and bring out her maximum potential through our organized management as well as domestic and foreign resources.”

It is said that Kang Sora who was at the same time had received love calls from several agencies, chose to resettle with ‘Will Entertainment’ after much consideration, noticing the professionalism and profound credibility that the agency’s management has and believing that ‘Will Entertainment’ understands and able to support her acting career the most.

Even though Kang Sora signed with a new agency, she will continue to have mutual exchange with her previous agency ‘Comapny Dajungdagam’.

“To be even more highly professional and intensively supportive, we agreed to establish a strategic partnership with Kang Sora’s original agency ‘Company Dajungdagam’ and therefore will create diverse synergy for the sake of acting career of the actors under both agencies,” said a representative of Will Entertainment.

Debut in 2009 through movie ‘4th Period Murder Mystery’ and appeared in a few other movies such as ‘Sunny’ & ‘Paparotti’, Kang Sora established herself as the leading lady in Korean film industry when she’s still in her 20’s. Along with her appearance in drama ‘Dr. Champ’, ‘Women Of Our Home’, ‘Dream High 2’and several others, Kang Sora has built solid acting on both tv and cinema screen. She is currently acting in SBS drama ‘Ugly Alert’.

‘Will Entertainment’; the company that Kang Sora signed with is a subsidiary company of the music service company ‘Soribada’ in which actors & actress Lee Bo Young, Lee Ji Ah, Ryu Soo Young, Yoo In Young, Wang Bit Na, Kwon Min Joong and Jin Lee Han are affiliated with.

Extra Note:

**’Company Dajungdagam’ is the one who manages her official website & the one with twitter account>>> @companydjdg who posts her pics when she’s filming ‘Ugly Alert’.
** I don’t know whether ‘Company Dajungdagam’ is also a subsidiary of ‘KM Culture’ or not since as far as I know, she was an actress under ‘KM Culture’. All articles stated that she was under ‘Company Dajungdagam’ before joining ‘Will Entertainment’ and no mention about ‘KM Culture’ as her former agency.

** Translate by: Hiedi/@nhb19
** Source: wowstar.wowtv.co.kr


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