[NEWS] Good Drama ‘Ugly Alert’ Unusual On-Shooting-Site Fanmeeting ‘Even its viewers were warm-hearted’

Good drama ‘Ugly Alert’ held a special fanmeeting with fans.

On the afternoon of 23rd August, an “on-shooting-site fanmeeting” of daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’ was held. On this day at the filming site, director Shin Yoon Sub as well as Im Joo Hwan, Kang Sora, Choi Tae Joon, Kim Ha Gyoon and other actors graced the occasion with their presence.

Normally, the usual scenario would be the fanclubs of any of the actors involved in the drama, would visit the shooting site and provide meals or they would just merely come occasionally to cheer the actors. But to have a fanclub formed out of the love for a certain drama in which the fans visit the shooting site to cheer the production staffs; is quite an unusual scenario to see.


On this particular day, a group of adoring fans a.k.a “Mut.Ju (shorten from korean pronunciation of Ugly Alert) Geek” visited the shooting site at Ilsan and created a short but meaningful memories with the director Shin Yoon Sub, Im Joo Hwan (Gong Joon Soo role), Kang Sora (Na Do Hee role), Choi Tae Joon (Gong Hyun Suk role), Kim Ha Gyoon (Choo Man Dol role) and a few others.

Thanks to the ardent support of the dearest viewers, in this surprise event, for the sake of making a good drama, the fans gave out their sincerely prepared gifts to the hardworking actors and production staffs. Director Shin Yoon Sub, Im Joo Hwan, Kang Sora, Choi Tae Joon, Kim Ha Gyoon and many more, met with each of the viewers who have been giving such a generous love and support just to give the fans some unforgettable memories as a way to express their gratitude on behalf of ‘Ugly Alert’ production team.

Last month, fans of scriptwriter Jung Ji Woo gave their support by packing lunchboxes filled with love. And by being the only drama which its dearest fans voluntarily spreading an “on-shooting-site fanmeeting” event, it is proven that ‘Ugly Alert’ managed to draw great interest and popularity with its story.

For those 30 gathered “Mut.Ju Geek” fans that came from all over the country, the busy shooting schedule of ‘Ugly Alert’ was put on hold. The director and all actors in attendance had a spontaneous and comfortable ‘Q&A session’ with the fans to alleviate any of their curiosity about ‘Ugly Alert’ and they even took a group picture with all the fans to commemorate the precious moment.

To reward the fervent support of the fan so called “Mut.Ju Geek”, they (the fans) were given a special privilege by the production crew to visit the shooting site and have a tour to observe some of the drama sets and also got to preview Joon Soo and Do Hee’s lovey-dovey moment in the drama when the actors were shooting for the scene.

Facing director Shin Yoon Sub who managed to convey heartwarming messages through the main characters of ‘Ugly Alert’ and its beautiful cinematography, “Mut.Ju Geek” couldn’t conceal their excitement and promised to be the passionate audience that give unwavering support until the day that ‘Ugly Alert’ become the ‘national healing drama’.

SBS daily drama ‘Ugly Alert’; is a ‘healing drama’ that creates some kind of ‘fever’ and receives much interests from viewers through its good heartwarming story that broadcasts every Monday to Friday at 7.20pm.

** Source: newsen
** Translate by Hiedi/@nhb19
** Take out with proper credit


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