[NEWS] Kang Sora Chosen As Model for “SCINIC” Cosmetics


Good for you Kang Sora! It looks as though the beautiful actress who is known for her pure skin has received true recognition by a cosmetics company. She was chosen to represent the cosmetics company “SCINIC.”

In the pictures shown for the “SCINIC” advertisements, Kang Sora is showing her pure and womanly nature through different poses. It is being said that Kang Sora kept vigilant throughout the advertisement photoshoot that went on late into the night.

A marketing representative of “SCINIC” stated, “We chose Kang Sora as our model because she fit in well with our pure and strong brand concept. Her healthy and strong image that she has shown through her different projects is what fit in well with the brand concept. Please anticipate the synergy between our brand motto that you have to be proactive to have beautiful skin and Kang Sora’s beauty, which also makes everything around her look beautiful as well.”

Currently, Kang Sora is busy promoting the film “Pavarotti” where she makes an appearance.

sc2Cre Soompi


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