[NEWS] ‘Dining Table of My Soul’ Kang Sora, a typical city girl “Everything is the first time”


From the telecast show, Kang Sora is proved to be a typical city girl.

In ‘Dining Table of My Soul’, a lunar new year special entertainment program from MBC that aired on the night of the 11th, Kang Sora expressed her amazement towards some of the cuisines and said it’s her first time seeing all those kind of foods.

On the first opening of the program, Lee Su Geun reminisced his childhood and showed a kimpab dish made up from regular, non-special ingredients during the introduction session about a packed lunch (dosirak) that leaves memories for each of the hosts. In response to this, Kang Sora said in fascination “It is my first time seeing kimpab containing these kind of ingredients.”

Following after that, when she saw green bottled soda, she said, “It is my first time seeing these kind of soda. I usually drink canned-soda.” Even when she and Lee Kyung Kyu went to get fish at a store and seeing the aquarium filled with fresh seafood, Kang Sora kept telling the same. “I have never seen live seafood before. It is also my first time touching a live fish,” told Kang Sora again. The way she got excited like a child in her every first encounter when she saw the food that she had never seen before, has indeed captivated viewer’s attention.

On the other hand, Lee Kyung Kyu, Lee Su Geun, Noh Hong Chul and Kang Sora co-hosting together ‘Dining Table of My Soul’ a healing food variety program that gives warm and healthy dining table to the people who’s tired of the busy lifestyles. It introduced food from childhood memories that we shared, mom’s food that we yearn so much, the unforgettable taste of home and the food that filled with heartwarming story behind it.

** Translate by: Hiedi/@nhb19
** Source: tvdaily.co.kr
** Take out with proper credits



In the program (Dining Table of My Soul) , Kang Sora came up to serve a french toast. “Since I really want to eat toast that I’ve seen from movies when I was a kid, so I decided to bring it (french toast) for this program. I remember that my grandmother wasn’t good at making it, so I used to upset about it,” told Kang Sora.

** Translate by: Hiedi/@nhb19
** Source: tvreport.co.kr
**Take out with proper credits


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