[NEWS] Kang Sora “Leeteuk Oppa open his mind/heart first”

Actress Kang Sora challenged herself with animation dubbing. She did a voice acting for Merida the protagonist of ‘Merida and the Magical Forest’. “It was hard but it was fun too,” said Kang Sora.

“Usually, I talk a little faster so it was difficult to lip-sync my words with Merida’s words. There’s a lot of screaming too so my throat became sore.(Laugh) But still, through this opportunity, I discovered many things that I never knew before. I’ve got to know the entire process of producing/creating an animation. It took 7 years for them to put up the ideas for creating this animation itself.”

Kang Sora’s image is aptly matched with Merida’s tough and lively appearance. But Kang Sora said, “I don’t think my appearance is that bright. I think it (the bright image) just emerges in front of camera. It(referring to the bright lively image) wasn’t like that when I’m alone all by myself. I’m truly a type A(blood) person. At first, because I’m introvert, I couldn’t express myself well. People thought I’m cocky due to the fact that I couldn’t even greet them because I was too shy. It’s just my nature that I couldn’t approach people and be friendly first. Nevertheless, all these traits have changed a lot now.

It was the same when she appeared as a virtual couple with Super Junior Leeteuk in MBC’s “We Got Married”. At the beginning, she couldn’t approach him first, but with the help of the other party (Leeteuk), her heart/mind opened little by little.

“Leeteuk Oppa did express himself a lot. After filming ended, I received “It was hard right?” this kind of text message from him. Since he already opened up his heart like that, I wanted to give more to him. At the beginning, if Leeteuk Oppa did the talking for about 85%, I did the remaining 10% by laughing & 5% by talking but later on, it changed a lot.”

Kang Sora became no.1 bride through We Got Married. She gained a lot of male fans by showing her own charms.

“I’m not a pretender, I’am a frank type of person. And when I date, no matter what I will treat my boyfriend with the very best I can. Rather than feminine charm (aegyo), I guess I use more of a friend-like feeling/vibe to approach my boyfriend. The favorite things (hobby)that my boyfriend interested in, I’ll do them together with him. Later when I’m married for real, I think I’ll do the wifely duty very well,” she laughed.

This year is her 3rd debut year. Kang Sora has this “I have reached this far already” kind of look on her face and she smiled. “I’m always worrying about my acting,” she said.

“I never learn anything about acting formally before. I always worry on how to be better in acting. During the breaks of dramas or movies, I feel as if I’m like ‘a frog in the well’ (means she has little experiences and knowledges). Even among my peer actors/actresses, there are lots of them that are good in their acting. I just have to face the facts though.(Laugh) Up until now, I mostly played students role, so in future I want to play more mature roles and get rid of those girl in school uniform kind of roles.”

“I was originally like to study about directing, so I took the opportunity to come to an audition. But I got to make a debut by chance instead and my parents used to stop me from becoming an actress once. Right now, they are rather more keening to know what I do, concerning and worrying about me,” she added.

Kang Sora is a celebrity that diligently communicate with her fans. She communicates with fans via SNS or even directly visits and leaves some posts on fan sites. Before this, she used to send a reply letter to every fan letters that she received. “I use informal/low form of speech to fans,” she said. It conveys different messages to the fans. That way the closeness with the fans can be felt more. “Mind you that it will be a big trouble if you guys (fans) run away from me/turn your back on me, I’m going to tie your ankles or I will flick your forehead,” she laughed.

**Translated by hiedi/@nhb19
**Source: sports.chosun.com
**Please take out with proper credits


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