[NEWS] Kang Sora’s T-shirt, cute fashion sense “I really like white t-shirt”

At 12 pm on her twitter, Kang Sora posted a short sentence “I really like white t-shirt” along with a picture.

In the photos,Kang Sora was wearing a t-shirt with caption “White Tee” printed on it. She drew attentions with the serious expression that she made despite being in such comical style. Moreover, her naked, makeup-free face flaunts her smooth skin texture. Kang Sora’s simple,rugged good look exudes a casual charm.

“Kang Sora is quirky” “You’re wearing a real white t-shirt” “You look like as if you’ve lost some weight” “Your makeup-free face is superb too” are some of the many responses from netizen regarding this.

On the other hand, Kang Sora has challenged herself to do a voice acting for Merida the main character from the animation ‘Merida and the Magical Forest’ which has been released on the 27th of last month.

Translated by hiedi/@nhb19
Source: tvreport.co.kr


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