[INTERVIEW] (BIFF) Kang Sora – “Kim Ah Jung unnie, Congratulation!”..”Next year,with a broad-shouldered man”

Same as the previous year, actress Kang Sora has walked on a red carpet for the second time. In 2011, she has received ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the Buil Film Awards event through her movie ‘Sunny’. Busan then has sought after her to fill a presenter position for Buil Film Awards 2012 event this year.
All this while, Kang Sora has been showing easygoing and youthful image, but during the opening ceremony of Busan International Film Festival 2012, she wore a classic and elegant dress on the red carpet instead. Kang Sora has challenged herself by doing a voice acting for Merida, the heroine/main character of the animation ‘Merida and the Magical Forest’. Following after that, ‘My Pavarotti’ the movie she has filmed together with Lee Jae Hoon, is expected to be released.
OhMyStar have met with Kang Sora and have had a chat with her during the 17th Busan International Film Festival event.
– Including last year, this is your second visit to Busan International Film Festival. How is it?
“Last year, I got some obligations related to ‘Sunny’ but this year I have no main work to do so I’m having fun more at the festival this time. I was very nervous and I trembled so much during my first appearance on the red carpet last year. Besides, my schedule is less busy this year. I get to spend time at the film festival leisurely this year.”
– During the opening ceremony of Busan International Film Festival this year, your body figure brought up the image of a Barbie Doll and received a lot of spotlight. Did you go for a diet in order to wear that dress?
“To be honest, I didn’t do any extreme diet plan. Rather than dieting, I just avoided myself from eating salty foods to make sure that my body wouldn’t get bloated & swollen. On the evening just before the opening ceremony, I came to Dongbaek Island and had a walk for about an hour.”
-All this time, you’ve been showing a lot of easygoing image. But at this year’s opening ceremony event, you have unveiled another different feel with the elegant black dress.
“I wanted to show you the another image that you didn’t usually get to see from me. Originally the dress was created as a wedding dress but I chose black colour to go with the design and wore it instead. Maybe, that’s why the dress has a classic and elegant feel to it. I wanted to show you a more elegant feel as much as the 17-long years tradition of Busan International Film Festival has been established.”

– Seems it was not an easy task to choose one from so many variety of dresses?
“The dress itself is trendy so it was a challenge for me to exude a classic look to the dress. However, the designer and the stylist gave me courage. They asked me not to be too hesitant and said that the dress is perfect for me. Therefore I took the challenge and wore it.”
-You stood alone on the red carpet this year. Didn’t you want to walk on the red carpet coupling together with anyone?
“I walked alone on the red carpet last year too. So did this year. Now that you’ve said it, I want to go (to the red carpet) with a gentleman and place/cling my hand gently to him. Next year, I want to be on the red carpet together with a tall, broad-shouldered, masculine man.”
– Last year you received a ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the Buil Film Award event. But this year you came as an award presenter to give away the very same award. How is that feel to you?
“There were times that I felt burdensome for quite a while after I received the Best Newcomer Award. It seems to be that I turned out to have more sense of responsiblity towards my acting after that. When Kim Go Eun-ssi received the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ this year at the Buil Film Award. Several thoughts came to my mind. I was just reminiscing my mother’s smile when I’d received this award last year. I like Go Eun-ssi. She is simple and she has fair skin and a trim/refined body that i couldn’t have and she did well in the movie ‘Muse’. As a fellow actress I feel she did great for performing such (acting) challenge. As a fan, I think I’ve said enough about my fondness towards her. I watched with a warmhearted feeling when she received the award.”
– This year at the red carpet, who do you want to reckon the ‘Best Dress’ title to?
“I’ve seen from other articles that Kim Ah Joong unnie got the ‘Best Dress’ title. I also think that Kim Ah Joong unnie’s dress looked beautiful. The first time I met unnie was during her ‘200 Pounds Beauty’ moment. At that time, I used to go out together with her and seeing her in private meeting. I’m grateful to her for always treating me and caring for me warmly every time I met her.”
– Didn’t you have any desire to be crowned with the ‘Best Dress’ title at the opening ceremony of Busan International Film Festival?
“Whew.. no, I didn’t have any. There seemed to be so many beautiful actresses with their own remarkably pretty dresses this year. I still seemed to lack a lot compared to them. But within the next 3 years, I want to get that title in any award ceremony.”(Laughed)
– Which actor/actress did you want to meet the most at the Busan International Film Festival?
“Yoon Yeo Jeong seonsaengnim whom I like & respect a lot. I met Yoon Yeo Jeong seonsangnim briefly at the airport last year. At that time, I went to approach and greet her and I got to shake hands with her. I thought it’s a pity that she couldn’t make it this year because of her movie ‘The Taste of Money’ that has just been released. I certainly want to meet her in Busan next year.”
– What is your favourite food when you come to Busan?
“I love everything about Busan. I really like the fish here especially ‘Hoe'(slices of raw fish). I used to be a model for Busan milk and I also took part in the opening of baseball game for Busan Lotte last time. I think I have a deep ties/connection with Busan.”
Translated by hiedi/@nhb19
Source: star.ohmynews.com


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