[NEWS] Kang Sora is back to KM Culture nest

Kang Sora’s representative on june 29 said “Kang Sora now is part from KM culture”.after her contract with JM company expired she decide to join KM culture.

her representative also said “Kang sora now is resume filming WGM and others schedule to attend.she will showing different side of appearance”.

rough translation by JelliaLive +kangsora.wordpress.com + star.mk.co.kr

KM culture website kmculture


Actress Kang So Ra is back to the KM Culture nest.

On June 29th, Kang So Ra’s representative said, “Actress Kang Sora is now part of KM Culture”

Kang So Ra used to belong in JM Company, Joo Jin Mo’s talent agency where she was the sole talent in acting. Joo Jin Mo belonged to KM Culture before he started JM Company in 2010.  Kang So Ra’s recent contract expiration with JM Company came naturally before she set foot back into the parent company nest at KM Culture.

Her representative also said, “So Ra has joined the re-broadcast of MBC TV show “We Got Married” and will also be busy fulfilling other schedules, in a quest to show a new image.”

Labeled as ‘Pounds Beauty’ and an icon of national culture, Kang So Ra is also scheduled to join the cast of ‘My Pavarotti’, as her first activity under KM Culture.  The movie is a story of a young male hero who has great passion for music but lives as a poor boy.

Kang So Ra rose to stardom via the movie “Sunny” and also appeared in the KBS1 daily drama “The Women of Our Home” and KBS2 TV’s “Dream High 2”.

article by: StarToday

translation: @dowotee


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