[NEWS] Kang Sora “‘We Got Married’ is scripted? More Like a Documentary” (Interview)

The first part of the interview mainly covered Sora’s comments on the recent controvery of WGM being a scripted programme (due to the hint card shown in Woojung’s Indonesia wedding).  Sora said the writers will provide hint cards about the locations they should be moving, but everything otherwise was impromtu (they had to shoot from morning till everything is completed).  She mentioned that there were six cameras shooting at the same time, which she thought was more like a documentary.

Sora mentioned that during the some 40 days of MBC strike, she exchanged textings with Teukie (Sora called Teukie as “Teuk Oppa” in the interview).  As Teukie was always busy in overseas activities, sometimes she was worried that he had to tell her everything about himself like the first time they met. “Teuk Oppa was very polite that I joked him as “Polite Teuk (예의특)” (예의특’s pronounciation in Korean is “Yea-i-teuk”).

Translation by Hanyi

As a part of the cast, actress Kang Sora has opened her mouth to speak about script issue on MBC’s We Got Married.

 On March 26, Kang said in a phone interview with Starnews, “There’s no script. It doesn’t really feel like shooting a variety program. Rather, filming a documentary will be a better expression.”

 The argument about having script for the show was initiated by a picture uploaded on an online community board. The picture was taken during a shooting, and a woman who seemed to be a scriptwriter appeared holding a sketchbook in her hand. The production crew has denied the issue when it came up.

 Kang said, “Well, there are some scriptwriters holding a sketchbook, but they are telling us where to go instead of what to do. By doing that, the staff is trying keep track of the shooting.

 There are about six cameras on the set, so they often ask us to look at a certain camera on sketchbook.

 In fact, the show never allows me to know where the shooting takes place until ‘the day.’ Arriving on the set basically tells me the shooting place.”

 Since MBC stopped broadcasting because of a strike, Kang Sora did not get to see her “husband” Leeteuk for over 40 days. She said, “We say hi to each other by texting, but Teuk oppa is so busy with his activities overseas. I’m afraid that he will use the honorific again once we get back together for the shooting.”

 She continued with a grin, “Teuk oppa is very kind to me. He fits better with ‘etiquette-Teuk’ than ‘Leeteuk.’”

 Kang acted the female leading character Hye Sung in KBS 2’s drama series Dream High 2 which closed recently.

Cre en.korea.com


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