[Message] Kang Sora Message in her DCinside

드림하이2 무사히 끝냈고 왔어요!!

그저께 방송 마치고 어제 좀 쉬고~ 오늘 팬사인회 끝내구 저녁먹구!! 막 집에와서 주신 편지들 카드 선물 읽어보구.. 정리하고 글 써요 ^^

한 주 한 주 방송 나가면서 저랑 같이 맘고생 해주시고 같이 걱정해주시고 유리멘탈(?) 강소라 응원해주시느라 같이 수고하셨습니다~!!

작품도 끝났으니 다시 재충전해서 더 좋은모습 보여드리려구 노력중이구요~ 편지에 많이 써주신대로 나름대로 여행도 다녀오고 그러려구요!

다음 작품 전에는 띄엄띄엄 있을 행사나.. 시사회때 잠깐씩 뵐 수 있을 거 같아요! 그외에도 시간나면 이렇게 와서 글 쓰고 사진도 올리고 그럴게요

음.. 작품하는 3개월간 이래저래 고민되고 힘들때 같이 힘들어해주는 갤러분들 생각하면서 으쌰으쌰 힘내고 그랬답니다!

정말 어떻게 더 감사하다는 표현을 해야할지 모르겠네요. 글로쓰기엔 너~~무 한도 끝도 없을거같아서 ^^

맘같아선 한분한분 뽀쪽을 해드리고 싶지만 크흐흐 ^—–^

이번 작품으로 얻고 배운 게 정말 많아요. 더 열심히 노력해서 담에는 또 다른 모습 보여드리길 기대하고 있습니당~~

오늘 팬싸 와주신 분들, 맘속으로 함께 와주신분들 다 감사드립니다!!


Translation by Heidi & Hanyi

I have finished Dream High 2 safely!!

The day before yesterday after broadcasting/filming, I had a little rest ~ After today’s fansigning ended, I had my dinner!! I just came home and read the letters, cards & gifts given to me.. I’ll urge myself to keep it organize ^^

Week by week broadcasting together with me, let you worry about me, troubled with me, concern for me a “glass mental Kang Sora”, lets give applause to ourselves for the hardwork~!!

Since work is over, I’ll recharge back, to show good image/side of me, so i’m going to put a lot more effort ~ I’ll try to write/reply many letters after I get back from vacation/trip!!

Before next project, there’ll be scanty events here and there.. I think I can meet you briefly at the premiere! Besides, if I have time to write post like this, I’ll upload some pictures too.

Ummm. during the 3-month shooting, there were times when I was troubled and tired.  When I thought of you all who also shared my tireness and concerns, “osha osha” I felt recharged.

I really don’t know how to represent/express my gratitude enough to you, I’ll think I’ll write post non-stop ~~forever like you all do ^^

Even I’ll post one line, after one line, I’m telling you… Kkhuhu ^—–^

I’ve learnead a lot while doing this project. I’ll work harder in order to show you another different side of me, please look forward to it ~~

To all fans who are coming today, fans who have the intentions to come, thank you everyone!!!

Assa ~~


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