[Interview] Kang Sora – “I Respects My Singer Friends” (Dream High 2)

“There is never a quiet moment on the set. All of us are in our twenties and this is a place where we all come together. When we chat, we sometimes get so loud, we don’t even hear the call to start filming.”

“Singing is not a profession everyone can do. Having seen (these singers) from the sidelines, they all seem like geniuses to me. The guitar never leaves Jinwoon (2AM) and Jisoo’s hands. And they even compose songs on the spot. Hyorin (Sistar) and Ailee are no joke when they sing. When they sing during our rest times, it feels like my ears are being purified.”

When asked if she felt sad at the prospect of being separated from the friends she had made through this drama:
“We communicate regularly in our daily lives (outside of filming), so it’s ok.”

“It might actually be more fun to meet them (outside of the drama) when we are more energetic and fresh. We are busy with filming and that’s why we haven’t been able to go on a MT* (together). When filming ends — those who are able to — we intend to go on a trip together.”
*Note: MT is like an outing.

Source: Nate
Translation: Sistar(ly) Love

When Sora was being interviewed, she said that filming was really tough and hence this really tires her out. For the first time, she’s relied on medication to help her to maintain her physical strength. She herself is also shocked by the overwhelming popularity of “B Class Life” (DH2 OST).

Because of the role that she’s portraying in the drama, for the first time since her debut, her acting ability is also being questioned. Sora mentioned that though this saddens her, what troubles her more are the likely changes to be made in the future direction of her acting.

Sora adds that she really respects the singer friends whom she’s worked together with in the drama and she hopes that when the drama ends, she can go on a vacation with her friends.

Source: Nate
Translation: peaches_2280


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