[NEWS] Kang Sora’s “B-rated Life” in Dream High 2 Gains the Viewer’s Sympathy

OnFebruary  27th’s episode of Dream High 2 Kang Sora (playing the role of Haesung) wrote and sang the new song, “B-rated Life” which had unuaully great responses from young viewers.

The episode is about the trainees working on the aution,  the mission of which is making a song or dance about the K pop star Rain (Korean name Bi, pronuced as B). As others imitated Rain’s performances, Kang Sora wrote the Song, “B-rate Life,” talking about her life as a trainee,  her yearning to become a stat, to live an “A-rated Life,” but  her lack of talent and stage freight being obstacles to her dream.

Viewers said they could really related to Kang Sora’s story and the song. “We anticipate the release of the song as a single,” many viewers requested.

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